Trump CRUSHES World Health Organization, DESTROYS Hong Kong and China…!

President Donald Trump gave a speech about how China is bad on Friday, saying that China is responsible for every problem for some reason.

He blamed them for the coronavirus, which is actually a hoax. The President did not point out that it is all a gigantic hoax, as he continued to ramble about the evils of the slant-eyed menace.

Then he said that the World Health Organization is evil, and that he’s cutting all funds to it. However, he did not say that we’d be keeping that money, instead saying that he’s going to give that money to other globalist organizations.

The president continued, repeatedly saying how bad the coronavirus is, even though everyone knows it’s a hoax. He did not explain why he is lying about this stupid bullshit.

He then continued to say a bunch of stuff about China and Chinese people and companies, as the audience got bored and forgot what he was talking about. He said he wanted freedom in Hong Kong, without explaining why anyone would care about that.

Many believe that Donald Trump wants a war with China, which no one can understand.

He says that China can’t remove freedoms because of national security, without explaining why the US government can take away all basic freedoms in the name of keeping people safe from a flu hoax.

His voice began to break as he became even angrier, talking about freedom in Hong Kong. Many people wished that he cared that much about American freedom, but instead, he only cares about freedom for people in Hong Kong while we’re all locked in our houses and getting attacked by the cops for not wearing masks or standing too close to each other.

In general, no one cared about this stupid bullshit, and many were appalled totally by it.