Trump Created EXACTLY 6 MILLION New Jobs – Coincidence?

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

Can there be such a thing as “too many” jobs? We’re about to find out.

Listen here.

We’re going to be creating so many new jobs, we won’t even know what to do with them

Soon, you’re going to be sick of all the job offers you’re getting. Entire industries are going to be popping up just to filter people’s inbox from all these new job offers.

But that’ll only make things worse, as these industries are gonna need new workers, too!

This is the new America, people. If you don’t like it, you can just move to china, were they’ll all be on food stamps soon, as every last fidget spinner factory moves to the US.

They should have thought about that before manipulating their currency!

U.S. News & World Review:

Job openings roared to an all-time high in June as employers scoured a tightening labor market for qualified applicants, according to a report published Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Nearly 6.2 million positions were up for grabs in June, up considerably from May’s 5.7 million openings and soaring past July 2016’s record of 5.97 million vacancies. Leading the way were sectors like construction, professional and business services, and trade, transportation and utilities – all of which posted their highest levels of vacancies since July of last year.

Health care and social assistance openings, meanwhile, surged to an all-time high of nearly 1.14 million. Accommodation and food service employers, meanwhile, logged their third consecutive month with more than 700,000 unfilled positions – a never-before-seen feat since the government began tracking such data back in 2000.

The government sector, too, was desperately looking for workers, with its 575,000 vacancies tying the highest level the U.S. has seen since 2010.

We’re going to need a lot of guys to staff the new right-wing deportation squads, everyone.

ICE provides a stimulating and fulfilling work environment, good pay and full benefits. They require a strong work ethic, perfectionist attitude and inability to empathize with the pain of brown people.

Manufacturing hiring managed to eclipse 300,000 for a fourth consecutive month – something the economy hasn’t seen since early 2008. And professional and business services posted their best back-to-back months on record in May and June with 1.15 and 1.17 million additions, respectively.

Basically, in a few decades all of these jobs will be lost to increasing automation. But that doesn’t matter, really.

What matters is that we’re working on recreating a manufacturing base in the west, so as to prevent the Chinese from having power over us.

Trump is reversing the trend of outsourcing all real labor to the third world, reducing our own economies to a service-based system where the only men who can compete are the beta-cuck soy-boys.

Once all production is automated, there won’t be any more degrading “employment,” which is debasing to the White man’s noble soul. Instead, we can all be warriors and explorers, taking over the universe in an eternal quest for galactic White supremacy.