#TrumpCoup: Top Jews Fear Jared Kushner is Being Outfoxed by Steve Bannon, Call Him a Race Traitor

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2017


For most of American history, Jews have grown accustomed to being the adult in the Oval Office. By surrounding the White House with the guns of mass media, finance and deep state control, they guarantee that a mentally handicapped George W. Bush or a wimpy black like Barack Obama sit around staring into their hand mirrors planning golf vacations while DC think-tank Hymies do the actual governing.

For this reason, Jews found a coupon at the end of the dark tunnel when Trump pulled off his upset. Trump disappointed his fans when he named “liberal” (except in Israel) Jew billionaire Jared Kushner as a top advisor in his administration, an appointment which gave the human-irritants hope to both keep an ear to the ground and influence the President into betraying his promises to America.

The Judenpresse has gone through great and ridiculous lengths to try and find a legal avenue to bring down Trump and block his cabinet appointments, even including diplomats staying at the Trump International or eating at its restaurant in Washington as a “conflict of interest.” Yet, with Kushner’s appointment, despite a strong legal argument for blocking him under existing nepotism laws, concern-trolls over “ethics” in this case were the first to die off to the coordinated effort to focus-fire Steve Bannon.

Kushner The Court Jew

Kushner’s role as “court Jew” in the Trump administration is perceived as so vital to Zion that every time the ruling Kahal drops to the floor in agony, its media organs moan “Where Are You Jaaaarrrred?!

Jews have learned that trying to intimidate Trump the old-fashioned way doesn’t work, as their air-tight control over discourse continues to slip.  Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, two former insiders who know the system’s sick methods, have well-worn raincoats that bounce Chuck Schumer’s phony tears right off.

So now, Jews are treating Jared Kushner like he’s their final lifeline. A wave of “open letters” and op-eds from self-important Kikes have been flooding Kushner’s office, treating the 35-year-old as if he’s some kind of Kosher Santa Claus, with a bag of presents to pass out to all the little yidlets.

Here is one from (((Harvard Alumni))) signed mostly by Jews and a smidgen of their New England WASP groupies, in response to Trump’s rapeugee ban:

Dear Jared,

We, the undersigned graduates of Harvard College, are your classmates and roommates, friends and acquaintances. We do not have the President’s ear, but you do, and we hope that we have yours.

You are the Senior White House Adviser to the President of the United States. We appeal to you to influence the Trump Administration, and Mr. Trump himself, in a positive way. We ask that you remember your grandparents, refugees from Nazi Germany, when the Administration shuts our nation’s borders to the millions around the world who are fleeing conflict. They are counting on you. The millions of undocumented persons who contribute their blood and sweat and taxes to our great nation are counting on you. Women and the LGBTQ community are counting on you. People of color are counting on you.

All Americans are counting on you.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, at your convenience, to share our concerns.

In publications meant for close-together eyes only, Jews are more explicit in their demands of Kushner, and accuse him of race-treason when they are not met.  Here is one example of many being circulated in internal Jewish media.


In times like this, it’s natural to look for signs of hope, and many in the American Jewish community may point to Jared Kushner’s appointment as senior advisor to President Trump as a sign that America will remain safe for us. But that’s a false hope. Make no mistake: The status of the United States as a haven for Jews is more endangered now than it has been for generations.

Trump has flanked himself with an Orthodox Jew (Kushner) on one side and a purveyor of white supremacist rhetoric (chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon), on the other. In this arrangement, Kushner plays the classic historical role of the figurehead Jewish adviser. As author Jonathan Levi wrote for the Forward last July, Kushner’s relationship to Trump eerily parallels the story of Charlemagne, the 8th century King of the Franks. According to Levi, “Charlemagne was keen to marry his daughter to a Jew who would…cement the support of the Jewish people.”

There are other examples of such Jewish advisers throughout world history, and many of these individuals share common characteristics: their power is precarious, and their interests are frequently aligned with their patrons rather than with their community. Most ominously, the failures of the rulers they serve are often laid at the feet of the Jewish scapegoat and his brethren by the rulers’ anti-Semitic followers. All of these traits perfectly describe the role Kushner has played in an attempt to soften, rationalize, and put a friendly Jewish face on the vile hatred of his father-in-law. These characteristics foreshadow the cyclical choreography of anti-Semitism.

The reality is simple: Jared Kushner is not interested in upholding the values that the vast majority of American Jews share. If he were, he would have distanced himself from the Trump campaign many months ago, just as most American Jews opposed Trump when he threatened American ideals with a Muslim registry, called Mexicans rapists and murders and began to intimidate the press. Kushner didn’t act as a representative of the majority of our community then, and he cannot be counted on to protect or represent Jews now.

It’s not so much that Kushner gives a crap about saving America or even agrees with Trump, but pan-Jewry is not convinced that it is possible for two Goyim to be ahead of a Jew in this day and age. For this reason, they conclude that Kushner is looking out for his personal business rather than his community’s political agenda, when it’s more likely he’s just being undermined and ignored.

Impotent Kushner Being Cucked by Bannon

Reports from inside the Trump administration have revealed that Kushner is so stressed out by his inability to control Trump, that, according to Vanity Fair, he has been losing an alarming amount of weight from his already lanky and frail frame.

In fact, the same Vanity Fair source claims that Trump has been flagrantly ignoring Kushner, often without warning, or even planning things like his recent executive orders during the time the Orthodox Jew stays inside for “Shabbat.” Kushner is reportedly enraged at Trump.

While this is happening, Bannon has been cementing his power. When Jews first learned of Bannon, they saw a slovenly football-watching, beer-guzzling American – the type they’re used to watching from the outside in. But looks can be deceiving, and it appears that Bannon is a brilliant and well-intended mind on increasingly good terms with Trump, ready to shake Washington to its core and lock them out.

While for-Goyim press has decided to keep producing kindergarten level agitprop about how Bannon is a “racist know-nothing” and Trump won’t release his tax returns, among themselves they are painting a portrait of a prudent yet willful pair of men capable of going hand-to-hand with their agents on the inside.


In the reality show that is this White House, has chief strategist Steve Bannon kicked Jared Kushner off the island? It seems that Kushner might be losing the contest of wills, as the new president embraces nationalist policies and runs into trouble with ill-timed outbursts from himself and his advisers.

President Donald Trump’s boldest and most controversial moves appear to come when Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump are observing the Sabbath, which leaves both of them out of contact as observant Jews.

On the Saturday after the inauguration, his father-in-law personally telephoned the National Park Service after it tweeted photos showing a smaller crowd watched his inauguration than had Obama’s, delivered a widely-mocked speech at the Central Intelligence Agency and sent his Press Secretary Sean Spicer to lace into the media over its inauguration reporting. On the second White House Shabbat, Trump signed an executive order that banned immigration and tourism from seven Muslim-majority countries, and then fumbled the response to a swirl of criticism.

In addition to coming when Kushner was out of reach by telephone, policies like the Muslim ban also depart from the cautions that Kushner had given the business community and others after the election, promising that his father-in-law would govern as a moderate and that he did not necessarily believe all the things he had said on the campaign trail. And the woes don’t only come on Saturday, as last week, when Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled a Kushner-brokered visit to the White House, after a war of words that Trump initiated.

Meanwhile, Bannon has been on the make, receiving a permanent seat on the president’s National Security Council, centralizing power through an internal White House think tank and putting his fingers on policies like the ‘Muslim ban.’ If theirs is a war between the better angels and base devils of their boss’ spirit, it seems the devils are winning at the moment.

Zionist concern over Bannon being appointed to sit in on National Security Council meetings has already led to a rushed bill proposal by Democratic Virginia Senator Mark Warner intended to erect bureaucratic red tape to keep the former Breitbart editor out. But this complaint is by no means isolated.

As Jews grow more paranoid, they debate the possibility that this is being coordinated. An Israeli, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, writing for the Catlady News Network (CNN) wrote with grave concern at the prospect that Trump and Bannon are teaming up to rip the weeds inside the deep-state at their roots and put power back in the hands of the President.


As Conway implies, these first days of the Trump administration could be considered a prologue to a bigger drama, and one that reflects the thinking of Trump and Bannon alike. From their actions and pronouncements, we cannot exclude an intention to carry out a type of coup.

Many may raise their eyebrows at my use of this word, which brings to mind military juntas in faraway countries who use violence and the element of surprise to gain power. Our situation is different. Trump gained power legally but this week has provided many indications that his inner circle intends to shock or strike at the system, using the resulting spaces of chaos and flux to create a kind of government within the government: one beholden only to the chief executive.

“Strike at the enemy at a time and place or in a manner for which he is unprepared,” reads one US Air Force formulation of the old military doctrine of surprise. Trump has long been an advocate of this tactic and complained various times during the campaign that our armed forces were far too transparent about their planned operations.

Yet Bannon is the mastermind of this takeover strategy as it’s been adapted to the domestic realm. Well-versed in military tactics and the history of the radical left and right, Bannon has repeatedly talked about “destroying the state” in the name of securing power for “an insurgent, center-right populist movement that is virulently anti-establishment.”

Besieging your targets until nothing makes any sense — giving them no time to absorb or recover from attacks — is a time-tested strategy in the history of war and authoritarian takeovers. One might cite what’s gone on in Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

America’s racial, moral and economic decline is the only national emergency the American people care about.  The powers that be are accustomed to screwing the American people and having our figureheads sit idly by, but this time, it could be lil’ Jared banished into the dark corner and forced to watch.