Trump Could Have at Least Avoided Having This Picture Taken After the Failed Rally

Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa on Saturday was an abject failure, and appeared to signal his coming doom. This is very unfortunate, as his doom signals the doom of America, when the killing will begin.

There is some evidence that he isn’t actually trying, though this could also be explained by encroaching senility. For example, why on earth would he allow this photograph to be taken after the rally:

That photo is a greater signal of doom than the rally itself. His mopey, sweaty face, the MAGA hat crunched up in his fist – it is a perfect picture of defeat. But the red tie, undone, is the worst of the symbols. It appears to be a metaphor, for all of what is happening. And just as I have never seen a half empty Trump rally, I have never seen a photo of Trump with his tie undone. This may actually be the only such photo, going all the way back to his early business days.

The man looks entirely defeated. It’s as if he has already lost. Possibly, that is what has happened. He failed on coronavirus entirely, but a much bigger failure has been his capitulation to this black revolution. Remember that he rescheduled this rally in the name of Juneteenth as a signal that he loves black violence and honors the black revolution.

How many people were planning to go and decided not to when he made that decision? How many blacks said “oh, great, I’ll vote for Donald Trump now because he’s honoring our holiday”? It is frankly impossible to view that decision as anything other than purposeful failure. It is impossible to view any of these recent decisions as something other than failing on purpose.

But surely, he knows that if he loses this election, he’s going to prison? His whole family is going to prison, except the Kushners. They will put his sons in jail. Hopefully, Melania will be able to flee to Russia with Barron before their doors get kicked in. It just makes zero sense that he would sacrifice this election.

The obvious theory to explain it is that he is now very old, and his mind is not right, and Jared Kushner is purposefully leading him to failure. We know that it was Kushner’s idea to release the blacks from prison, as part of a plan to win the black vote. It was apparent during the initial riots that he was refusing to do anything – or even really say anything – because he didn’t want to offend the blacks. Tucker Carlson connected this to the Jared Kushner “the blacks will vote for us” plan.

I think that is likely what was and is going on – Trump thinks that blacks will vote for him if he doesn’t question their revolution. But it’s just… it’s impossible to process how anyone could believe this made any sense. Although I think this is ultimately the only explanation for what is going on, I’m really struggling with accepting it.

I supported the whole Kanye West fiasco. I thought it was fun, and I don’t think any harm was done by it. Kanye is more a rapper for white people anyway. He’s also a devout Christian, and is concerned about abortion. More importantly, he is smarter than the average black and he has money. This meeting did not mean anything, it didn’t symbolize a larger trend of blacks, it was just one weird black guy, who has more values than the average black person, who was showing his support.

For the record, Kanye tweeted twice in February and once in March, and has given zero comment on this revolution. If he did comment on it, it is obvious that his comments would not be positive. Blacks with a certain level of intelligence are either outright condemning this, or they are trying to redirect it towards the Jews.

There is no Republican black wave. The suggestion is lunacy. The Washington Post has a piece up this week analyzing black support for Trump, with all of the polls collected, showing that Trump at best is going to get 8% of the black vote, which is what he got in 2016. This is about the percentage of blacks who you would expect to vote for any Republican, as it is the percentage of blacks that have money and act like normal people. The other 92% of blacks are criminals and otherwise abusers of the white system of social services. The blacks who will vote for him are going to vote for him specifically because he doesn’t tolerate black riots and revolution. That is to say, what he is doing by refusing to address the black revolution is going to make it less likely that the blacks who do support him are going to bother voting.

More importantly, it is going to make it very much less likely that the working and middle class whites who make up his core base are going to bother voting. Trump was able to do nothing for 3 years, and still be forgiven by the people, but as Tucker says in the above clip from the height of the biggest riots America has ever seen, people will not forgive weakness. That is what everyone reads his refusal to address the revolution as: weakness.

The staggering thing is that this is a self-inflicted wound. Maybe he can’t do anything. The military refused to defend the White House during peak riot, so it is unlikely he can really do much on that front. Maybe he can’t get AG Barr to prosecute the rioters. Maybe there is literally nothing he can do to stop any of it. But what he can do is what we know he can do, which is tweet and go on shows talking about it. He could be out there every single day denouncing the blacks, and calling this a hoax, saying it doesn’t really have anything to do with black people and that it’s just a communist revolution using the dumb criminal blacks as a tool.

He was very loudly talking about “socialism” as a threat to “capitalism” throughout 2019, apparently as an election strategy. But now we have a full-on Bolshevik revolution, a direct attack on the very foundations of our entire civilization, and he’s doing what? He’s saying he’s going to reform the police and he’s honoring Juneteenth.

Every conservative is obsessed with trying to say he isn’t a racist. I tried to address the psychology behind this in a recent piece about Dinesh D’Souza saying that the black revolutionaries are actually secret German Nazis. Basically, conservatives just think racist means “bad, mean person,” so they fight back against the label. But right now, with the blacks rioting in the streets, literally tearing down the fundamental symbols of our history and culture, something in the lizard brain is being stirred up amongst the people. There is no way to avoid that. It goes to something primitive and primal, to have people from a foreign tribe in your lands violently attacking your symbols of identity.

What Trump’s actual strategy to increase his voter base should be is going for white liberal men, who are feeling this primitive fear of the alien tribe as they are on the move. Trump should absolutely go all in on pure tribalism. That is exactly counter to the media narrative, because the media narrative is a totally Jewish hoax. A pure appeal to primitive tribalism doesn’t work in peacetime, but we are not in peacetime, we are in the middle of a revolution, we are watching the blacks and other foreign peoples viciously, violently rampage through our country on a path of total destruction.

Literally, when I watch these riots, these statues being torn down, that old Megadeth song is playing on repeat in my brain.

Trump could force people to take sides in this. That is in fact the only thing he could do. He didn’t start the war, but it is his job to respond. If he went out there and said, “we will do whatever is necessary to defend our culture, our history, our society against this violent mob of savage animals,” the crowds would go wild. You would reach energy levels among whites never seen before. If he pressed the issue that this is a full-on Bolshevik revolution, and if he loses, the killing is going to begin, you would have I don’t even know how many white liberals get in that voting booth and say “I hate the guy but I hate the idea of black people kicking in my door and murdering my family even more,” and pull the lever for Trump.

His rallies should be taking place around monuments that these blacks are targeting. They should be billed as “cultural protection events.” He should say, “we will not tolerate a single statue coming down. This is our history, it is our culture, it is who we are as a nation, and we will protect it by any means necessary.” Even if he couldn’t stop the statues from being torn down, it wouldn’t matter, because he would be saying that he wants to do that and is planning to do that, and that is what people would rally around.

This is all so obvious that it is painful.

Surely, someone else must be seeing this strategy. Someone close to Donald Trump must be saying, “well, you know what you could do…” and laying out the Anglin 2020 Plan. But either no one is saying it or he is choosing the Kushner plan over Operation Anglin 2020.

There is time to turn this around. There isn’t much time, but there is time. It’s not really that far from things he’s said in the past. Remember when he said he was going to defend whites in South Africa?

Or that he was going to defend whites against Al Sharpton?

Or when he mocked Elijah Cummings after he’d died as “King Elijah”?

Executing Operation Anglin would not be at all outside of things he’s already done.

What’s more, I think there is probably a tape of Trump making a joke with the word “nigger” in it from the set of The Apprentice that they are waiting for a week before the election to drop. Everyone from that show has said he used to make these jokes, and they’ve had four years to look for a tape of it. The Jew Tom Arnold did an entire show about his search for the n-word tape. His current strategy of appeasement is going to be meaningless when that tape drops.

I’m going to do everything I can to help him win, but the fact is, he’s not giving me anything to work with. Furthermore, because he refused to do anything about internet censorship, my ability to do anything on the scale of what I did in 2016 does not exist. All I can really do is write on this website, with no one able to share any of these articles. And all I can say is “if you don’t vote for Trump black people are going to kill your family.”