Trump Continues His Trolling of the Negro Felon League

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2017

Trump could potentially troll the Negro Felon League out of business if Roger Goodell and friends refuse to make these apes stand for the national anthem.

Donald Trump’s presidency while a mixed bag in some areas has been an overall net positive. He has undermined credibility in the Jewish fake news media and is now in the process of destroying the Negro Felon League’s brand. These are enormous cultural shifts that he has played a major role in cultivating.

As we have reported in previous articles, the Negro Felon League’s management has decided not to force their millionaire football apes to stand while the national anthem is played. They want them to stand but have refused to implement a rule that would make this a requirement.

Trump took the opportunity to troll the league over this decision.

Roger Goodell and the rest of the executive staff at the Negro Felon League are afraid of their own slave apes. They’re fearful that they’ll get called racist slave owners if they force their apes to stand. They’re even trying to get them not to protest by saying they’ll help promote social justice issues and other nonsense. Talk about a failing strategy!

This is just giving Trump more opportunities to use the bully pulpit against the league. The people are on Trump’s side and there is no reason for him to relent on the issue. The attention Trump has put on this situation has resulted in boycotts, half empty stadiums and plunging ratings.

There’s the strong possibility that these anthem protests are going to occur throughout the entire season. The longer this goes on, the larger number of reformed nigger ball worshipers there will be. Fans are not going to tolerate this continued disrespect.

Since Goodell seems unwilling to make any changes, it looks like as if it will be a rough season for the league. This could be the year when America finally starts tuning out of these retarded breads and circuses in large numbers.