Trump Complains About Tech Companies Censoring New York Post Article Showing Hunter Biden Dirty Deal

Your Favorite President has brought attention to the fact that Facebook and Twitter are blocking the distribution of a story from the New York Post which contains leaked emails from Hunter Biden showing yet another instance of the standard “pay-to-play” corruption that the Biden family is infamous for, this time in relation to China.

The “business deal” is with the Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy. Basically, it’s just the Chinese government transferring a 7-figure sum of cash to the Bidens. This is almost passé at this point, given how much we know about the Bidens and frankly, about all of these politicians who somehow end up being multimillionaires on 5-figure government salaries.

The Post piece, entitled, “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm,” literally just goes through emails.

The emails were pulled off an unencrypted hard drive that was in a MacBook that was dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware and never picked up.

The leftist-Democrat state media is disputing the authenticity of the emails outright, as if they were entirely faked. They’re rather obviously not fake, and to prove that they had a hard drive, the Post published never before seen photographs of Hunter Biden.

The photos are “I’m a cool and sexy junkie” selfies of the kind you would send to loose women, which obviously Biden would have wanted to remain private, given that “sexy junkie” is not a public image he’s ever tried to project:

Yes, in theory, the photos could have come from somewhere else, other than a hard drive, and the Post could have faked the emails and then used the photos to try to prove them. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible.

However: what the hell business is it of Facebook and Twitter to try to figure that out? It’s nuts! The New York Post is surely a mainstream media outlet, no??? Who appointed these people as the arbiters of reality? Did we have a referendum on this that I missed?

We used to have a First Amendment in this country, and I think the country functioned a lot better when we had free speech.

I hate to even have to say it, but this is sure a helluva lot more likely to be accurate than the New York Times report on Donald Trump’s tax returns. They provided no evidence for the authenticity of those, and they would have been a lot easier to fake than this complex stuff about a business deal with the Chinese.

Along with delisting the article, Twitter has actually banned the official Trump campaign account for sharing it.

Interestingly, they didn’t block it for “fake news” or “election misinformation,” but rather for posting private information.

That appears to indicate that Twitter is saying the emails are real, but you can’t share leaked emails of political criminals, because it’s “private information.” (Note: This is actually in-line with the William Barr case against Julian Assange.)

Hilariously, they gave a separate explanation for banning the White House press secretary who linked the article, Kayleigh McEnany, saying she had “distributed hacked material.”

That obviously also indicates that whoever issued the ban believed that the emails were real. (And this also fits with Barr’s anti-whistleblower crusade.)

Opening up a hard drive isn’t “hacking,” by the way. I don’t think the encryption was broken, meaning Hunter didn’t have the hard drive encrypted, which means that you could just open up the computer, pull out the hard drive and plug it into a different computer to view the files.

@jack admitted that blocking this story was “unacceptable.”

That’s damage control, but the damage is done: a new standard is set. They will now just block mainstream media news that they don’t like.

Remember: they told you that they were only going to censor the Daily Stormer, because Andrew Anglin is a “neo-Nazi white supremacist,” and thus pure evil, and thus doesn’t deserve to be allowed to participate in society.

Now, they’re censoring one of the biggest papers in the country.

Because now they’re being clear about what “neo-Nazi white supremacist” actually means: it means normal white people.

Trump is the absolute symbol of “normal white people,” so everything he does is subject to sanction based on the “Anglin Rule” established when I was banned from everything on the internet.

It is truly astonishing that Trump didn’t make it a point to protect free speech as soon as they did that thing to me that they did, given that any single person on earth could have seen where it was going.

I will tell you this: if America still had the First Amendment, we wouldn’t be talking about this election being a close call. Trump people would dominate the internet, and we’d be headed for a landslide.

Frankly, I won’t be surprised if they just ban Trump himself outright in the next few days. There is literally nothing he can do if they do that.

But remember: it’s the Russians that are meddling in the election.