Trump Cockblocks the Cocksucking Koch Brothers!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2018

The Leader has taken a hard stand against the kocksucking Cock Brothers.

These cocksuckers are attempting to meddle in our elections, supporting candidates who want to destroy America in the name of internationalism.

For those who don’t know, they are globalist industrialists who have long been key financial supporters of the old open borders/free trade GOP – before the Trump revolution. They didn’t even have any interest in talking to Trump during the campaign, let alone giving him any money – and the feeling was mutual!

Trump stands for the people – not globalist business enterprise!

They were making a lot of money in foreign operations, so of course they were opposed to his trade war designed to protect America and the people.

It is funny that these cocksuckers used to be the big villains of the left. But now they hate Trump, who is the ultimate villain of the left. And the leftists themselves are not aware of any cognitive dissonance with regards to this situation.

Just like they seem to be completely unaware that the working class, that they so long championed, is now solidly behind Trump while the Democrat Party is the party of the elite ruling class.

The Kochsuckers have even announced that they’ll support Democrats who “agree with their values”!

And the Democrats do agree with their values. They are the big business open borders party of the international rootless cosmopolitan elite. They share a portion of their space – and common cause – with lunatic sexual deviants and monstrous brown people.

The plebs who still support the Democrats and march against Trump are literally marching FOR monstrous big business interests and the destruction of America’s working and middle classes.

The media is admitting all this, pretending that it somehow makes sense.

The Independent:

Mr Trump’s outburst came after the Koch brothers’ political arm declared it would not help elect a Republican senate candidate in North Dakota, partly over his failure to challenge the White House’s trade tariffs.

The decision sent a strong message to Republican officials across the country unwilling to oppose the spending explosion and protectionist trade policies embraced by Mr Trump.

“For those who stand in the way, we don’t pull any punches, regardless of party,” Tim Phillips, who leads the Kochs’ political arm Americans For Prosperity (AFP), told hundreds of donors during a three-day private Rocky Mountain retreat.

The split marks a new chapter in the strained relationship between the Trump administration and the expanding conservative network created by billionaire industrialists, who refused to endorse the Republican president in 2016.

Mr Trump has effectively taken over the Republican Party on almost every level, even after ignoring long-held conservative beliefs on government spending, free trade and foreign policy. The billionaire Kochs and their nationwide army of conservative activists, however, are not giving in.

That is not to say they are punishing every Trump loyalist in the 2018 election season.

AFP still plans to focus its resources on helping Republican senate candidates in Tennessee, Florida and Wisconsin. It remains unclear how hard the group will work to defeat vulnerable senate Democrats in West Virginia, Missouri and Montana.

The midterm strategy could change in the coming weeks, but the Kochs currently plan to ignore North Dakota’s high-profile senate contest, where three-term Republican congressman Kevin Cramer is trying to unseat Democratic senator Heidi Heitkamp. She is considered among the most vulnerable senate Democrats in the nation.

“He’s not leading on the issues this country needs leadership most right now,” Mr Phillips said of Mr Cramer, specifically citing spending and trade. “If Cramer doesn’t step up to lead, that makes it hard to support him.”

Ahead of the announcement, Charles Koch told reporters that he cared little for party affiliation and regretted supporting some Republicans in the past who only paid lip service to conservative principles.

I am from the midwest.

Where I am from, when people hear the term “conservative values,” they think of:

  • Christianity
  • Support for family values
  • Anti-abortionism
  • Anti-faggotism
  • Anti-Islamism
  • Strong borders
  • First Amendment rights
  • Second Amendment rights
  • Property rights
  • A lack of regulation on small businesses
  • A general lack of government intrusion into their personal lives

In other words, “white people stuff.”

None of them would immediately think of what the Republican establishment means when they say “conservative values,” which include:

  • Globalism
  • “Free trade”
  • Government subsidies of international corporations
  • Shipping jobs overseas
  • Open borders and massive “legal” nonwhite immigration
  • NATO and aggressive interventionist wars

In other words, “Jewish people stuff.”

The Koch brothers are not actually Jewish, but they might as well be. They are making money off of the Jewish system.

And Trump isn’t having it.

Trump stands with THE PEOPLE.

And we stand with him.