Trump Closes His Blog After Only a Month Because No One Paid Attention

Donald Trump announced the end of his short-lived blog this week.

The Guardian, which is supposed to be a serious publication, published a heavily opinionated piece by Richard Luscombe in their news section about the situation:

Donald Trump has discontinued the blog-type website he launched in a fanfare less than a month ago as “a beacon of freedom” and “a place to speak freely and safely”.

Jason Miller, a senior aide to the former US president, confirmed the closing of the “From the Desk of Donald J Trump” online communication tool in a statement to CNBC on Wednesday, just weeks after billing the venture as “a great resource” for his boss’s musings.

Miller offered no explanation for the closure, and it remains unclear if it was a voluntary move or was imposed by a third party of some kind, like Trump’s removal from social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook for inciting the deadly 6 January Capitol insurrection.

But in a tweeted reply to a Republican activist questioning if the move was “a precursor to him joining another social media platform”, Miller said: “Yes, actually, it is. Watch this space.”

In the statement to CNBC, Miller attempted to paint the short-lived project as “auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on”.

The Trump blog, a mouthpiece for his false claims about a rigged 2020 presidential election, failed to gain traction and on 21 May the Washington Post reported it had attracted a “staggeringly small audience”.

Last weekend, the website mysteriously crashed after Trump posted more falsehoods about the bizarre election “audit” in Arizona that the former president says provides proof that Joe Biden’s victory was “stolen”, despite the failure of many dozens of lawsuits challenging the result, and local, state and national officials declaring that 2020’s was the most secure election in US history.

Meanwhile, without evidence, Trump insisted that there were “broken seals on boxes, ballots missing, and worse” in Arizona. Shortly after the entry was posted, the website reported a URL processing error, and the blog page went dark completely.

Visitors to the website on Wednesday found only an archive of Trump’s media statements dating back to January and a link to an online shop for Trump merchandise.

Trump and his acolytes have long railed against social media platforms for their perceived bias against him, and despite the apparent one-time popularity of his posts. When Trump’s account was permanently suspended from Twitter he had almost 90 million followers.

“Perceived bias… suspended from Twitter.”

Okay, bro.

Trump actually won the game, was literally elected President of America. The Jews used institutional power to destroy him.

Despite the rumors being spread in The Guardian, there is no evidence that anyone blocked the site – other than the social media websites that were blocking sharing links to it, therefore effectively meaning it didn’t exist. We’re lucky to have kept our core audience after having undergone that kind of banning, but Trump’s core audience isn’t the kind to figure out that “the internet” is not just Twitter and Facebook.

To be fair, the way he dealt with the ban was very stupid. If he would have immediately started the blog when he was banned, he would have kept much more of the audience. Instead, he waited months.

There is no evidence that Trump is able to function without access to the media or social media, which is yet another reason it would be better if he just stepped away from things a bit. He is really offering nothing to any agenda that I see. It was good that he supported getting rid of Liz Cheney, but that ousting happened largely as a result of the efforts of Matt Gaetz.

Trump should back off of trying to be the center of attention, support candidates, do fundraising, whatever. If he can’t figure out a strategy to even communicate with his supporters, then it’s time to start wrapping things up.