Trump Claims We Can Fight Fake News on Social Media While Big Tech Continues Banning His Supporters

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

It’s honestly difficult to tell if Donald Trump is trolling his supporters with these tweets or if he just has no clue what’s going on.

Trump is actually claiming that we can fight fake news on social media. It’s hard not to laugh at how stupid this statement is.

Trump might still have his Twitter account, but most of his prominent supporters have already been banned off of the big social media sites. If they haven’t been banned, they’re being demonetized or censored in some underhanded fashion. The digital army that helped Trump get elected in 2016 is being systematically silenced in the lead up to the 2020 election.

Trump has also demoralized his supporters by refusing to take any action on this issue. Instead of ordering the Federal Communications Commission to start regulating these companies, all he has done is tweet about how they shouldn’t censor “conservatives.”

The bottom line is that you can’t fight fake news on social media if you’ve been banned from social media. We’ve seen countless examples of the ban hammer being dropped on all sorts of right-wing groups and personalities. We are at a point where a cuckservative comedian like Steven Crowder is getting demonetized on YouTube.

But it’s even worse than that now.

Project Veritas recently interviewed a whistleblower from the social media company Pinterest who provided documented proof of their diabolical censorship agenda. He exposed how they put a pro-life website on a porn block list, censored Bible verses and blocked all sorts of other right-wing material.

After breaking this story, Project Veritas had their Twitter account suspended, and their original report about Pinterest’s censorship program was erased off of YouTube.

Pinterest quickly discovered who the whistleblower was and fired him, which prompted the whistleblower to go public. The whistleblower identified himself as Eric Cochran, an engineer who worked for Pinterest. Tucker Carlson interviewed him on his show this past evening and described some of the chicanery that Pinterest involved itself in.

So long story short, we are now at a point where we have hard proof that these tech companies are going so far as to censor pro-life and anti-abortion content. This is obviously insane, but we’ve been saying for the past few years that this type of thing was going to happen. Unfortunately, few people listened to us because they naively thought that they’d be safe if they avoided talking about Jews and racial issues. Those people were wrong to think that and we are now at a point where even anti-abortion content is subject to big tech censorship.

That’s why it is so absurd to see Trump sending out tweets saying that we can fight fake news on social media. This is just not possible when these tech companies are allowed to ban whoever they want for any arbitrary reason and not face consequences.

If Trump does not regulate these companies and require them to provide free speech, they are going to ban most if not all of his political supporters by the 2020 election. By that time, the only person fighting fake news will be Trump himself. But that’s operating under the assumption that they don’t just go ahead and ban his social media accounts as well. And why wouldn’t they go that far? It’s not like anybody would actually stop them if they decided to go ahead and do that.

What this conclusively shows is that there is no such thing as free speech in America. Trump is just letting these big tech companies trample over the First Amendment.