Trump Claims He’s Doing Something, Tags Tucker Carlson to Report That He’s Doing Something

Tucker Carlson has become a kind of last man, the only person speaking out against the insanity that is happening around us.

While he has been showing the insanity of the Black Lives movement and the Democrats and corporations that support it, he has primarily been targeting the actual cause of this revolution, which is the refusal of the Republicans to stop it from happening. He has been scathing in attacking the entirety of the GOP, condemning them as totally inept, useless and dangerous.

On Friday, he said it was time to find new leaders.

Shockingly, President Trump apparently watches the Tucker Carlson show. Or at least he did on Friday. After watching it, he tweeted out that he is indeed doing something. He tweeted a two parter, with Tucker’s @ handle at the end of the second tweet, but because there was no space between the last word of the tweet and Tucker’s handle, it didn’t turn blue, meaning it wouldn’t send Tucker’s account a notification. So he added a third tweet in the series, just with Tucker’s handle.

The mechanics of what went on here are important to note. They are much more notable than the content of the tweets themselves, which are just “LOOK I’M DOING STUFF I SWEAR HAVE YOU SEEN THIS STUFF I’M DOING???” Screwing up the tagging in the second tweet and then adding a third tweet with the tag tells us much more about what is going on.

Clearly, he could have just deleted the second tweet and made it so the tag was blue. The second tweet is exactly 280 characters.

However, it is not necessary to have a four period ellipsis at the front of that tweet. In fact, an ellipsis should only have three periods. So he could have deleted one of those periods and inserted a space between “able!” and “@TuckerCarlson.”

Conversely, he could have removed the broken @ link from the first tweet, and put it in a third tweet.

What’s more, we would generally assume that the adding of the @TuckerCarlson is to let the people reading the tweet know that he is responding to a segment from the Tucker Carlson show in the tweet – not to make sure that Tucker himself sees it on his mentions. The broken @ tag would be sufficient to let people know what he was referring to. So, he wanted the working link apparently because he thinks Tucker wouldn’t otherwise see the tweet.

When you work through all of that, like I just did, you have to wonder what is going on with the man’s mind.

Furthermore, the fact that he tweeted this at all makes you wonder what is going on with his mind. Tucker has a large staff of people who do research for him, and he himself is very well read. He’s been very specific in his complaints about Trump’s failures in this revolutionary moment. Tucker knows what is happening, and the idea that he thinks he can correct him, and explain that even though it looks like he’s doing nothing, he actually is doing something, demonstrates extreme confusion.

Point being: I think that Donald Trump may have gone senile, and doesn’t really know what to do. These three tweets are the textbook definition of “flailing around in confusion.”

The specific piece that Trump was apparently responding to appears as the first reply on the tweet thread, posted by The Columbia Bugle.

Watch that all the way through. It is incredible. Tucker does the Anglin bit with the extreme analogy. He asks what would happen if, in 2012, right before Obama’s second election, Mitt Romney supporters had rioted in the streets, attacking black people, attacking Obama supporters and tearing down statues of Martin Luther King Jr., and if tech companies had supported them and silenced all opposition to the Romney agenda. Of course, when you put it in those terms, it all becomes clear what is happening here.

Obama would have clamped down with ultra-violence on a violent mob of white racists, he would have brought the full force of the Justice Department against all of the rioters and against all of their supporters within institutions of power. It would have been a bloodbath.

Instead, Trump is tweeting, and capitulating to the mob. He declared a new holiday for the blacks. He says that we need police reform. He’s still done absolutely nothing about the censorship, all of these years later, and now prominent mainstream supporters of his are being censored.

This situation is cartoonish as much as it is terrifying. As Tucker says, these people surrendered to the revolution on day one. Trump, who is doing absolutely nothing, is doing more than the rest of the Republican Party. Every single one of these people should be flying home to their own districts and going out into the streets to stand against this mob. Instead, we don’t even know where they are. I haven’t heard of a single Republican denounce any of this. They are hiding and hoping the mob doesn’t come for them like it came for Trump in the White House.

Tucker is absolutely right. We do need new leaders.

Unfortunately for him, he is that leader. He is the last man. No one else understands this as well as he does, no one else has the bravery that he does. He has no choice. Destiny hath called.

Right now, he’s on the show, he’s saying these things, he’s protecting the psyches of the people. But the time will come and it is coming soon for him to rise up and lead the people, directly. I do not know what that will look like, and he is just going to have to bring people together to figure out what that will look like.

My initial plan was for Trump to win this election, and for him to run in 2024. However, it is looking increasingly impossible for Trump to win this election. The second lockdown will likely make it impossible, as they will just do mail-in voting, and the Democrats will be the ones with the nerve to engage in mass fraud.

So, a lot can happen in the next five months, and maybe that plan will work. It’s still on the table. But if Trump loses this election, then it is going to be time for something else.