Trump Campaign Reveals Gretchen Whitmer is Using Gang Signs to Call for Murder of Trump

The Trump campaign on their official Twitter account revealed that Gretchen Whitmer, the cunt governor of Michigan, is using secret gang messages to call for the assassination of Donald Trump.

She used a sign during an interview that said “86 45.”

“86” is standard gang lingo for killing someone, and Donald Trump is the 45th president of America.

So, she means “Kill Trump” with that message.

The media is of course saying it’s silly and stupid to point this out, but you tell me: what other things could that mean?

Why would she have a sign with those four numbers visible during an interview?

Are they just random numbers? And she’s just a fan of random numbers, and likes showing random numbers around the house?

C’mon man!

She’s plotting to kill the president!

Arrest this bitch!

She murdered our Constitution, now she wants to murder the one man who still defends our Constitution!

Lock the bitch up!