Trump Campaign Encourages People to Wear Their Cuck Muzzles at Rally

President Trump has two issues facing him: the racism hoax and the virus hoax.

I guess if I were him, I would probably at this point focus on the racism hoax. He had a chance to fight back against the virus hoax by going out there and promoting all the information that people like Andrew Anglin, Alex Berenson and Elon Musk were promoting – in particular that the CDC was lying outright about the number of deaths. But he missed that chance. Now, so many people ardently believe in the virus that it would be more or less impossible to change their minds. The belief has calcified.

That said, seeing the campaign encouraging masks at a rally causes me to bristle a slight bit.

The Hill:

President Trump will hold an outdoor rally in New Hampshire this coming weekend, his campaign announced Sunday.

The president’s next “Make America Great Again” rally will gather supporters at Portsmouth International Airport on Saturday, July 11.

The rally, scheduled for 8 p.m., will provide attendees with “ample access to hand sanitizer” and “a face mask that they are strongly encouraged to wear,” according to a press release.

His previous position, when asked if he recommended that people wear masks was, “I recommend that people do what they want.” I preferred that.

Recommending masks feeds into the media narrative that he shouldn’t be having the rallies at all because of the doom virus that is going to kill everyone.

What’s more, if he totally refuses to fight against this virus, we’re going to be voting by mail in November, and that will ensure he loses for certain.

If he’s back on the road to wanting to win, as was implied by his speech at Mount Rushmore, he’s going to need to bring in people who are smart enough to figure out the details of this.