Trump Calls Tim Cook by His Secret Name – “Tim Apple”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

At a meeting at the White House for the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board to discuss technology eduction and jobs, Donald Trump referred to Tim Cook as his secret name, “Tim Apple.”

Some people would find this funny, and something you would expect a 70-year-old man to accidentally do. But the media is lashing out and mocking him over it.

I wish that the media would complain about real issues with the current Trump Administration.

I wish they would complain about this march to war in South America, the fact that the wall isn’t being built, the fact that apparently, “we need more people coming in” as Trump said at CPAC and the fact that Trump is continually condemning the best person in Congress, Ilhan Omar.

Instead, they complain about inane gibberish, and if real people try to state the real complaints about the Trump administration, they get lumped in with people making inane, gibberish complaints.

If I state my own complaints, the average person is going to see them and just automatically dismiss them as “oh, another person attacking President Trump.” Because that is the way human psychology works. The media has created so much noise attacking Trump, that any criticism no longer registers. As I’ve said many times, Trump could easily leverage this and use the fact that the media attacks anything he does to do whatever he wants.

If he declared martial law and started rounding people up, the critics would only be able to present the same level of outrage they present when he says a word wrong – because they have maxed out the outrage meter.

This situation could have liberated him to do whatever he wants. Instead, it has enslaved me to trying to figure out a way to criticize him over real issues without sounding like yet another Trump-hating lunatic whiner.