Trump Calls Out the Coronavirus Statistics Hoax, Doesn’t Seem to Understand Gravity

Donald Trump has called out the coronavirus statistics hoax, pointing out that the reason “cases are rising” is that testing is rising.

I’m not exactly sure that he understands the significance of this, however. He doesn’t seem to understand how malicious it is, or he would be more angry. The entire media is literally claiming that there are more cases than ever – and blaming him for it – even while deaths are lower than ever.

It is simply a lie to claim that there are more cases than ever – knowing about more cases because you’re doing mass testing of random people does not mean more infections have happened. Assuming the virus didn’t become ten times less deadly, then we should be using the number of deaths to measure the progress of the virus. Otherwise, we would have to be testing every person in the country every day.

I explained the hoax in my article about Anthony Fauci promoting the hoax. There is no confusion here.

Trump needs to call this out as “fake news,” because they are literally lying on purpose.