Trump Calls Out Sessions for Not Firing Corrupt Rat Andrew McCabe!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Andrew McCabe: Another corrupt swamp creature.

Right after his historic tweets on keeping deranged tranny faggots out of the military, Trump hit Sessions yet again, this time asking why he hasn’t fired the scoundrel Andrew McCabe, who is totally corrupt.

McCabe is serving as “acting director” of the FBI, and has been since Trump fired Comey.

It is an absolute fact that McCabe’s whore wife got this money from Clinton, and that she kept most of it. The Wall Street Journal, to their credit, did a big report on this way back when. Before the paywall on that article, you can just see the $500,000 she got, but she got the other roughly $200,000 through other Clinton tied groups.

And basically, none of it was actually spent on the campaign. The bitch just kept the money. This is a common way of giving bribes in American politics – donating to hoax political runs.

Note that even though Trump has done his best to remove us “WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO-NAZIS” – whatever the hell that even means – from the “extremist” list, McCabe’s FBI is hunting down the Golden State Skinheads who defended themselves against Antifa attacks in Sacramento last year.

Remember to donate to their legal fund, by the way.

We are supporters of Donald Trump. We are the biggest supporters of Donald Trump. We should have an FBI that is not persecuting us.

Moreover, the entire country deserves an FBI that is not totally and completely corrupt in the way that the FBI presently is under the leadership of the dirty rat McCabe.

As I wrote yesterday, Trump’s attacks on Sessions are confusing to me. I fully understand the issue that Trump is taking with Sessions behaviors, but I don’t understand why he cannot simply order him to do the things he wants done, rather than publicly telling him to do these things on Twitter and referring to him as “beleaguered.”

The best reason that I can think of now is that he is telling him to do these things privately and he is just refusing to do it.