Trump Calls Out Intelligence Agencies as Behind #Pissgate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017

Donald J. Trump pointed the finger at intelligence agencies early this morning, blaming them for #Pissgate.

The whole thing is such a weird mess, it’s hard to speculate what’s going on from our vantage point.

In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if the initial speculation about 4chan being behind it wasn’t planted by the people who are actually behind it. Because it is definitely looking now like 4chan was not behind it.

It is also possible that this British spy could be taking the fall for something he had only a minor role in. As we reported yesterday, he’s gone underground – so he’s definitely not talking.

He claims he fears for his life – but who does he fear is going to murder him over this hoax?

The CIA? The FSB? Donald Trump? 4chan?

Presumably, Trump has significantly more information on this than we the public. And he is pointing at the intelligence agencies. Intelligence Chief James Clapper called-up Trump on Wednesday to say he didn’t do it. But then today Trump says intelligence did do it. So is he blaming Clapper, or did Clapper tell him something else about elements within the intelligence agencies doing it?

But he’s the thing: why would intelligence agencies do this?

When this came out, it wasn’t like “oooohhhhh, Donald Trump into piss sex, hmmmmmm….” – it was immediately dismissed as a hoax by the entire public, Buzzfeed was attacked and CNN mocked for promoting it.

Surely, intelligence agencies would have the intelligence necessary to understand that no one was going to buy this bogus document, right?

So then – maybe it was released by certain pro-Trump elements within the intelligence agencies to be used against anti-Trump elements within the intelligence agencies…? That would make the most sense, no? Occam’s Razor, right?

Or maybe Occam’s Razor is simply that it was fake opposition research provided by the British guy to pro-Clinton elements, which was then circulated, but no news agency would dare print it, until Buzzfeed was just like “ah, what the hell, might as well”?

But then what about John McCain’s involvement? What about Carl Bernstein promoting it and CNN running with it?

And why does Trump now believe it was the intelligence services? And why would Clapper need to deny it, if there were not reason for Trump to believe it was linked to intelligence services?

It was also apparently included in intelligence briefings, but we don’t know the context in which it was presented in these briefings, so we can’t gather much from that fact.

Truly, #Pissgate is a fantastic mystery worthy of 2017 – the new best year ever.

Also interesting in Trump’s tweets was his mention that he’s planning to have his investigation into the Wikileaks “hacking” completed in 90 days. That could explain why he is willing to partly go along with this hoax that Russia did it – he can later come out and say they they didn’t do it and present proof.

That links to the need to purge the intelligence services quickly, which Trump is setting up with this #Pissgate hoax.