Trump Calls Jewish Pervert Sacha Baron Cohen a “Creep”

Sacha Baron Cohen is a Jew who loves getting naked and harassing people. The Jewish media celebrates him as a comic genius.

Sky News:

Donald Trump has labelled Sacha Baron Cohen “a phoney guy” and “a creep” after the British comedian featured the president’s lawyer in his new Borat movie.

The mockumentary – Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – shows Rudy Giuliani in what appears to be a compromising position in a hotel room with a young woman acting as a journalist.

When asked about the incident while on his private jet Air Force One, Mr Trump said he didn’t know what had happened.

However, he did have an opinion on Baron Cohen, telling reporters: “You know, years ago, he tried to scam me.

“And I was the only one that said: ‘No way. This guy is a phoney guy.’ I don’t find him funny. To me, he’s a creep.”

Mr Trump was briefly interviewed on Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show in 2003, but walked away from the cameras after just a minute.

Meanwhile, Mr Giuliani has insisted the Borat footage is “a complete fabrication” – and says his hand was only tucking his shirt in.

Harassing people can be funny.

But just compare any single Baron Cohen video to any single Frank Hassle video.

Then, you tell me who’s funnier.

Who would you rather give tens of millions of dollars to make a feature length film?

You tell me then why Baron Cohen is world famous and celebrated as somehow important, while Frank Hassle is banned from YouTube.

Is it because one of them is Jewish and the other isn’t?