TROLL AMNESTY: Trump Calls for TOTAL LIBERATION of Social Media!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2018

Trump has officially stopped giving a fuck.

I don’t know what these kikes even think they’re doing. How they think these aggressive acts they are doing are not going to end in pogroms and fake shower rooms.

They pushed the guy over the edge, and he has gone into ULTRA MODE.

We’re having a lot of fun. 

This new tweet supporting social media regulation comes after a series of tweets last week supporting legislation to stop these grease-soaked ratfaced yids from destroying freedom.

Since then, Ann Coulter and others have echoed this virulent desire to give amnesty to everyone – including me and my entire TROLL ARMY.

We ride for the GOD EMPEROR, for he is the Great Liberator and the Noble One.

When the hammer drops… it is going to be like a virulent hurricane of pure, unadulterated hatred for the shitty color of brown people’s shitskin (and a hatred of the filthy fucking Jews for no reason anyone even knows).

It is in the Constitution. We don’t have to justify anything.

D-Day is coming, the beast will be unleashed. I will have a Twitter account. I will have my dot com.

We will burn absolutely everything.

Terrible purpose demands it. 

As I’ve stated: the FCC has the power to regulate these companies.

The evil head of the ape-nigger occupation government already regulated the tech industry with an FCC ruling with Net Neutrality, unilaterally.

He can call this “Net True Neutrality” or just TROLL AMNESTY.

What Trump is doing with the Tweets is putting the issue out there, calling for people like Tucker the Carlson and Queen Ann to rally around the issue, to make the “town square” arguments, to crush any of the old “conservative” line that “a private monopoly can do whatever it wants to anyone, and a group of monopolies and oligopolies can organize together to silence people because of Ronald Reagan and such” that still remains.

Very little of it does remain, however.

People do not read the National Review.

Jews, generally, are very unpopular these days.

In Other Trump Twitter News…

After Trump blasted him in an interview on Fox News as an incompetent failure, Jeff Sessions fired back at Trump that he wouldn’t let the Justice Department be “improperly influenced by political considerations.”

That’s GREAT, Jeff!

Sessions has to go.

What a pathetic human being.

A complete weakling.

Why did he support Trump in the election only to betray him with his pansy faggot bullshit?

I think companies should refuse to employ his children for 7 generations.