Trump Calls for Regime Change in Iran as at Least 10 More Die in Western-Backed Riots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2018

If Trump stays on this path, he is quickly going to use up goodwill among his core supporters.

Yes, I understand that he campaigned on an anti-Iran platform, and that we accepted that as part of what he was doing because of all of the good stuff that went along with it. But he also campaigned on a neo-isolationist platform. And I don’t see how a revolution in Iran can lead to anything other than war.

I also want to know what role the US already has in what is going on in Iran, because I guarantee you, it is not nothing. I’m sure the Israelis are also playing a role. But the CIA has to be involved in these riots, and Trump at least has the ability to find out about that even if he isn’t being told about it.

Fox News:

President Trump took aim at the hard-line regime in Iran Monday, tweeting it is “time for a change” and blasting the Obama administration’s controversial nuclear deal as the death toll from protests around the Islamic republic rose to 12.

Trump – who has clashed with Irannian President Hassan Rouhani in recent days as the protests have continued – opened 2018 with a Twitter broadside at Tehran’s authoritarian mullahs. Iran “is failing at every level despite” the controversial nuclear deal the Obama administration made with Iran in 2015, Trump tweeted.

“The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years. They are hungry tor food [and] for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted,” Trump said. “TIME FOR CHANGE!”

On the streets of Iran, thousands have called for the theocratic regime to end, in a reprise of the so-called “Green Movement” of 2009, when protesters clashed over elections and called fruitlessly on the U.S. to support their cause. That protest movement ended with the arrest of hundreds of students, political figures and dissidents.

Without elaborating, state TV reported that 10 people were killed during clashes Sunday night. Two other demonstrators were killed in a protest in western Iran late Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

“Some armed protesters tried to take over some police stations and military bases but faced serious resistance from security forces,” state TV reported.

Later Monday, state TV said six people were killed in Tuyserkan, about 200 miles southwest of Tehran. Three other people were killed in Shahinshahr, south of Iran’s capital. The location of the 10th person’s death was not disclosed, according to the Associated Press.

So this is already in full-revolution mode, and we’re only on day 5.

Right now, there is allegedly “no leadership” – explain that one to me.

It is clearly organized as a revolution, duping the idiot Westernized populace – in particular women, whom men are following into the streets – into chimping out. This is serving as a cover for trained elements to being well-planned attempts to seize weapons and territory.

It’s going to get a lot worse.

Dear Mr. President

I have shown loyalty to the President because of all he has done (and tried his best to do) for America.

But I won’t stand by while he marches our boys off to a war with Russia in the name of Israel. And that is what this feels like it is leading up to.

Of course, it could be a fake-out.

But when we’ve got dead protesters and open calls for regime change – with Trump saying he’s “watching for human rights violations” – we are coming very close to something that we won’t be able to come back from.

We implore you, Mr. President – don’t do this.

If you do, no other part of your legacy will matter.

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