Trump Breaks on Shutdown, All is Lost, America Doomed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

I specifically requested the opposite of this.

BBC News:

President Donald Trump has yielded to political pressure to end the longest US government shutdown in history.

After 35 days, he backed a deal to fund federal agencies for three weeks, but it includes none of the money he has demanded for a US-Mexico border wall.

The Republican president previously vowed to reject any budget unless it included $5.7bn (£4.3bn) to fund his signature campaign pledge.

But Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, flatly refused.

Later on Friday, the Senate and House unanimously passed a bill to temporarily end the shutdown, after which President Trump signed the bill into law.

Trump is on Twitter saying he didn’t concede anything.

I don’t know what that means, man.

This headline sums it up:

Nancy broke Trump.

That is what happened.

Nancy knows – like I know – that if the wall doesn’t get started now, Trump won’t win in 2020. That was the entire issue here.

But someone convinced Trump about blah blah blah the polls, and he broke. Because he has no people around him that are reliable, and he doesn’t understand how any of this stuff works.

He says we’re going to have a shutdown do-over in 21 days, but that makes no sense. If it can’t be done now, it can’t ever be done.

Now we’re going into nonstop investigations. They’re going to investigate him on the Buzzfeed report that Mueller already said was made-up. They’re going to investigate him for everything. And his base really isn’t going to feel like defending him.

This is one of the single largest fuck-ups in all political history. In may in fact be the biggest.

If the Senate was going to force through a bill, he should have come out and announced a national emergency to build the wall and then forced them to override his veto.

Ann Coulter should be running the country.

The campaign season is coming up.

Is Trump going to be doing “build the wall” chants a second time? After 4 years of not building a wall?

Or is he going to go with this bullshit “finish the wall” meme, where he claims it is partly built, even though it is not?

Trump already brought artistically-designed steel slats to a wall fight.

Which was dumb, because it didn’t get him anything, but okay.

All we really needed was footage of people doing construction on a structure that money has been allocated to on the border. That would have been enough.

Now, is there a path to make that happen in the next year?

I guess he can still declare a national emergency.

But why hasn’t he done that already?