Trump Bounce: Dow Surges to Record High

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2016

trump lols

Remember when we told you that the entire economy would totally collapse in on itself if Trump won?

Yeah, sorry about that, silly goyim.

We were wrong. Everyone is wrong about things some times. Even the chosen ones of Yahweh.

It’s a bit like the polls, you know. We did our best, really tried to give the facts, but we just couldn’t predict this.

We honestly thought the world was going to end.

It’s not like we lied. We would never lie to stupid goyim pigs.

USA Today:

The Dow surged as much as 180 points and blasted to new record highs in early trading Thursday after Asian markets soared overnight as investors were hopeful for a Day 2 of the “Trump Bounce” and fears related to Donald Trump’s stunning election win gives way to hopes that the president-elect’s policies could boost the economy.

But the early rally faded slightly and broader stock indexes turned lower as tech stocks took a hit.

At 11:15 a.m. ET, the Dow Jones industrial average was up about 60 points, or 0.3%, after earlier making a new intraday high of 18,769.46 and eclipsing its closing record high of 18,636.05 notched in mid-August. The Dow jumped 256.95 points Wednesday to 18,589.69.

The initial post-election rally has been driven by investors reassessing their views on a Trump presidency and beginning to focus on the growth-friendly positives for the economy, such as fiscal spending, lower taxes and less regulation of businesses under Trump.

In general, Wall Street is shifting its focus from Trump, the man and presidential campaigner, to Trump’s policies.


The rest of the world is feeling it too.

Japan’s Nikkei 225 index surged 6.7% to finish at 17,344.42, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index rose 1.9%. The Shanghai composite index added 1.4% to close at 3,171.28.

Major European stock markets gave up early gains and were lower as Germany’s DAX index was down 0.4% and France’s CAC 40 dropped 0.5%.

Stocks jumped on Wall Street on Wednesday as the major indexes pared steep losses after volatile trading overnight ahead of Trump’s victory. Trump’s pledge to unify a deeply divided nation in his victory speech early Wednesday helped calm jitters in global financial markets.

Investors hope Trump’s plans for infrastructure spending, tax cuts and lighter regulation will benefit the U.S. economy. They had worried because his campaign promises carried few policy details.

Basically, people who know what’s going on know that he knows what he’s doing.

These people are also well-aware that globalism, as an economic system, has long passed the point of diminishing returns, and that scaling it back will be good for more than just the little guy.

But this is incredible. The way these Jews lied to us about this.

They said the economy would collapse, and instead, it’s already exploding in less than 48 hours after victory was declared.

Of course, the Jews have more than one way of manipulating this. But right now, the Fed raising interest rates would be a clear direct attack on Trump by Jews. That doesn’t mean they won’t do it. But it does mean that if they do do it, Trump will be justified in taking executive action against them.

We saw in his closing argument video that he is totally woke on the Fed issue. He showed Janet Yellen as a part of the globalist cabal destroying America.

Donald J. Trump has so far done everything he said he is going to do. And no kike has been able to stop him.

He is going to make America great again.


Remember his contract.

Print it out (front and back) and sign it, frame it on your wall.

Do that today.

trump-contract-1 trump-contract-2

IN 177 days, this will all be made manifest.

I believe this.

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