Trump Blasts Big Tech Again and Bashes Google for Manipulating Search Results

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2018

Trump just called out Google for manipulating their search results to highlight anti-Trump articles.

The President of the United States is definitely focused on dealing with the monopoly tech companies of Silicon Valley. There is no doubt about this now.

He posted the following tweets criticizing social media censorship while specifically calling out Google for manipulating their search results.

Clearly, Google has been manipulating their search results for years. They were specifically criticized for this during the 2016 election by burying search results that were negative to Hillary Clinton. And as Trump mentioned, most Trump related search results provide links to articles from anti-Trump fake news operations.

But notice how Trump leaves no room for guessing with that statement. He is telling these big tech companies that he plans on dealing with them one way or another.

During a press event in the Oval Office focusing on the World Cup, Trump went further and specifically warned Google, Twitter and Facebook that they “better be careful” about their censorship practices. He described how they’ve been getting thousands of complaints about the situation.

It’s obvious that Trump is fully engaged on this issue. And the timing of this couldn’t be better either, especially since representatives from Google, Facebook and Twitter have been invited to testify in front of Congress next week.

It looks as if Facebook is sending the Jew Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter will be represented by Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey.

Google’s Chief Executive Officer a street shitter named Sundar Pichai has declined to testify. He is receiving criticism from all sides for refusing to attend.


Google’s Sundar Pichai is facing bipartisan criticism for refusing to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing next week, but the panel’s chairman signaled he’s unlikely to issue a subpoena to force the chief executive officer to appear.

“I don’t normally subpoena people to be part of the solution,” Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina said Tuesday when asked if he’s considering such a step. “Google chooses not to participate and being part of the solution. That’s a decision they made.”

Obviously, this decision reflects poorly on Google and only reinforces existing calls for them to be regulated. And besides, it’s doubtful that Pichai has a proper explanation as to why Google is manipulating their search results and engaging in other forms of chicanery.

Big tech is largely controlled by Jews, more popularly referred to as filthy rat faced kike vermin.

At this point, it’s all but certain that Trump is going to take action against big tech.  And if you think about it, big tech is really big Jew tech. That’s because Facebook, YouTube and Google’s parent company Alphabet are all headed by Jews. Dorsey might not be a Jew, but he has taken censorship guidance from the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League. That means Twitter might as well be a Jew-run entity, even if it technically isn’t on paper.

The only question is what specific action Trump will end up taking. Anti-trust laws and other existing regulations should provide Trump with the tools he needs to deal with the situation. The Federal Communications Commission might just be able to regulate these companies as utilities.

It’s simply ridiculous that people can’t speak freely on the big social media sites. These sites are effectively the public square of the modern era. A bunch of Silicon Valley Jews and the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League have no business deciding who can and can’t have access to it.

While we shouldn’t declare victory yet, it is becoming increasingly more likely that Trump is going to force all these companies to let us back on their platforms. And one can only imagine how many Jew tears will be shed when this happens.