Trump Awards Cancerous Rush Limbaugh with Presidential Medal of Freedom at State of the Union

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2020

You’ve got to love Donald Trump’s game show host instincts that bring that extra slice of flair to politics.

At his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, Donald Trump told Rush Limbaugh to stand up and congratulated him on getting cancer. Then, after everyone was finished clapping and sat back down, Trump said “check under your seat, Rush.” And Rush checked under his seat, and found the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

You should have seen Rush’s face. He did a great job going along with the theatrics of the amazingly fantastic moment in American history.

It was an emotional moment for us all, because Rush did so much for us, convincing the country to go along with all of these endless wars in the Middle East and… whatever else he did, I’m sure he did many other things for America.

He’s much better than that sleaze-weasel Alex Jones, who did nothing but unconscionably spread deadly rumors about vaccines causing autism.

Can you imagine someone so sick as to spread this sort of vile disinformation?

Rush Limbaugh truly is a lucky man.

I wish I was dying of cancer.