Trump Attacks Sweden for Doing “No Lockdown” Even After WHO Praised the Swedish Strategy

The President’s narrative on the coronavirus hysteria is confusing and contradictory. Having opposed the hysteria initially, he’s proceeded to go back and forth on it. Today, he’s pro-lockdown.

While the WHO praises Sweden for its “no lockdown” strategy, Donald Trump doubled down on the lockdown hysteria.

He even nagged Bill Mitchell for not going along with the hoax narrative.

There is something that needs to be pointed out here.

Coronavirus won’t disappear, but the lockdowns are supposed to disappear.

Sweden, by doing the “no lockdown” thing, is at a stage where Norway and other Nordic countries will later arrive to once they lift their lockdowns and the virus starts spreading again.

The lockdown doesn’t magically make people not die if they get the virus.

People who are going to die because of the virus will die because of the virus during the lockdown or after the lockdown is lifted, because the virus’ victims are mostly very old or sick people anyway, and everyone will be eventually exposed to the virus.

The initial argument for putting these lockdowns in place was “we have to slow the spread of the virus to prevent hospitals from being overrun so that they can treat all infections,” but Sweden’s hospitals are not overrun, meaning that they’re able to treat coronavirus infections properly.

In fact, hospitals in Western countries in general are so not overrun that hospital staff spend most of their workday filming themselves dancing for social media.

Comparing the current death count of Sweden (no lockdown) with the current death toll of countries with a lockdown ignores the fact that the lockdowns are supposed to be lifted, eventually, and that once they’re lifted and people start interacting again, the virus will spread.

Sweden is about to reach herd immunity in Stockholm.

If the lockdowns really worked and really kept people safe from the virus, then countries with lockdowns wouldn’t be building herd immunity, and their only option would be to remain under lockdown for about 18 months or so, until a vaccine is ready.

But the alleged plan is to lift the lockdowns, so why boast about smaller death counts in countries under lockdown compared to a country with no lockdown, if you’re eventually planning to lift the lockdown?