Trump Attacks Slimy Canadian and Europoor Rats for Ripping Us Off!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2018

Trump is lashing out at the slimy Canadian rats who have been ripping off America – in an “open secret” type situation – for decades on end.

The basic concept of “free trade” is that because America is the most productive and creative country, it has a duty to spread that wealth to shitholes, including Canada and the third world. This is global communism, also just known as “globalism.”

This is full-on campaign Trump, doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

Mandela Effect says Trump had a badass handlebars mustache during the campaign.

I disagree that it is “good” we protect Europe.

Firstly, who are we protecting them from? The Cold War ended when I was a small boy.

It seems “protecting” is a code word for “inciting Russia.” All NATO does is run drills on the Russian border, acting like they’re planning to invade.

There is nothing good about this, and if Merkel and her gang of perverts want to start a war with Russia, they should do it with their own money and military equipment.

Because war with Russia is just another part of the globalist agenda.

As is mass immigration.

All of this is about creating a Jewish one-world government.

The economic, political, war and immigration agendas all get mixed together.

This is what liberals actually believe.

The EU began as a economic trading bloc, now it is all of the sudden a singular governing body for Europe. People knew that was the plan, if they could get ahold of the books and papers written by the planners of it (which was hard to do before the internet), but the media just talked about “free trade no passport stamp blah blah blah.”

Then all of the sudden Merkel is telling Hungary and Poland they have to accept infinity Islamic immigrants.

And of course Poland is in it all for the war with Russia…

All of it is organized from the US, initially, which is why Donald Tusk referred to it as the order the US created. But it was organized in the US by a bunch of Jews who “escaped” Germany and Russia.

They’re always fleeing something, these “people.”

Basically, the whole thing just needs burned.

Don’t renegotiate NAFTA – just burn it.

Don’t beg Germany and the rest of the europoor freeloaders for more money for NATO – just burn it.

Don’t try to deport all of these rats who invaded our country – just burn them.