Trump Attacks Queen Ann and Fox News for Telling Him to Build a Wall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2019

He made the comments to the Paywall Street Journal, so we’ll have to get the quote from somewhere else.

Washington Post:

In a Wall Street Journal interview published Sunday, Trump hit back at Ann Coulter, a conservative author whose threats about the defection of the president’s base were credited with pushing him to his once-uncompromising stance. When he backed down on Friday, she called him a “wimp.”

“I hear she’s become very hostile,” Trump told the Journal. “Maybe I didn’t return her phone call or something.”

No, bud.

I think it’s mainly that you told her you were going to build a wall and then didn’t do it. That is certainly the most obvious explanation for the hostility.

No one understands why you crumpled like a tissue because… airplanes or whatever… and basically gave up on having any form of a legacy, and also ensured that you and your entire family are going to prison. Except that sweet little boy Jared. Who coincidentally is the one that came up with this plan.

He’ll do just fine, that sweet-faced little lad.

You, and pretty much all of the rest of America, however, are completely fucked.

Unless Kamala wins the nomination – which might happen – there is no way you can win in 2020 with no wall, buddy.

And if you lose in 2020 – or even if you pass the Presidency off to a Democrat in 2024 – all your wealth is going to be taken, you will go to prison and your sons will go to prison. All of your friends will also go to prison.

You might not have noticed this yet, but that is the way Jews work. They don’t let anyone lose with honor. They destroy their enemies, completely, and then spend thousands of years demonizing them.

Ask poor old Haman about that one.

Trump also went out and attacked Fox News.

Because he doesn’t understand why they’re mad either.

If you’re lashing out at your own supporters, and trying to explain how you are not actually losing, then you are definitely losing.

And this is going to be some extreme, maximum losing.

Because unless Trump does another shutdown – which wouldn’t make any sense after he ended the first one – then there will be no ground broken on artistically-designed steel slats in the next two years.

And instead, the next two years are going to be spent with the House Democrats launching an endless series of endless investigations into President Trump and basically everyone he ever met. They’re going to be investigating the poor asshole who gets told to cook his prime cut steaks well done. Like that poor sonovabitch hasn’t been through enough.

Do you care about you kids, Donald?

Your own kids?

Because this machine is coming for them.

Somehow, even though it was the biggest show possibly in history, only one meme came out of Game of Thrones:

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

That is where you are, Mr. President.

The decision is yours.

There are a whole bunch of things you can do, right now, shock and awe, and win this fucking game.

Instead, you’re figuring out a way to overthrow the government of Venezuela.

Maybe you should take some time out for fiddling lessons as well?