Trump Assistant Reveals Orange Man Thinks His Daughter Tiffany is Too Fat to be Pictured with Him

Daily Stormer
September 2, 2019

The Westerhout leaks about Trump’s family situation included the fact that he is doing brand control by refusing to be pictured with his fat daughter Tiffany.

Probably, Westerhout spilled the beans as a form of female solidarity.


Trump’s ex assistant said in an off-the-record conversation that she has a better relationship with the president’s daughters than he does, and that he doesn’t like being photographed with Tiffany due to her weight, sources say.

US President Donald Trump dislikes being photographed with his daughter Tiffany because he thinks she’s overweight, his former personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, told reporters at a dinner near the president’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, according to sources who spoke to Politico on Friday.

Tiffany and her boyfriend.

Westerhout “had a couple drinks” and “opened up to reporters” in an “uncharacteristically unguarded moment,” one of the sources said, adding that the president’s rumored gatekeeper joked that Trump couldn’t pick Tiffany, his youngest daughter, out of a crowd and boasted that she has a better relationship with his daughters than he does.

But of the four reporters present, only one – the Washington Post’s Phil Rucker – opted to print the comments, made during what was supposed to be an off-the-record dinner. White House staffers often dine and drink with reporters off the record while the president is traveling, and some in the administration are more upset with Rucker for breaking confidentiality than they are with Westerhout for gossiping in the first place.

Everyone thinks that she’s overweight, but if she wore Trump’s suits, she’d look thinner, and if Trump wore her clothes, he’d look fatter.

Despite that fact, Trump isn’t backing down.


President Donald Trump said he spoke to his former White House assistant Madeleine Westerhout, who resigned abruptly on Thursday after White House staff became aware of embarrassing comments she made to reporters.

Trump told reporters that he found the comments “a little bit hurtful” but also noted that they were “off the record.”

“I love Tiffany,” he said to reporters as he left the White House for Camp David.

Politico reported that Westerhout made the comments at an off-the-record dinner with reporters during Trump’s vacation at his golf club in New Jersey.

Trump said that Westerhout had been drinking during the dinner.

She reportedly bragged that she had a better relationship with Trump than his own daughters and that the president did not like to be photographed with his daughter Tiffany because she was perceived to be overweight.

Westerhout resigned suddenly on Thursday.

Trump said that he would speak with his daughter on the phone when he arrived at the presidential retreat. Tiffany is currently studying at Georgetown University Law Center.

“It’s absolutely false,” he said. “She’s a wonderful person and she studies hard.”

Trump ally Arthur Schwartz accusedWashington Post reporter Philip Rucker of breaking the off-the-record rule with Westerhout, citing other reporters as a source.

Yes, he loves Tiffany. But he isn’t exactly saying “no, Tiffany isn’t fat” or “no, I don’t think Tiffany is fat.”

He isn’t calling her “a beautiful woman” either.

What can you say about Tiffany, other than that she’s a wonderful person and that she studies hard?

It’s a little bit sad.

It’s clearly the pressure from being the daughter of Trump that has driven her into obesity.

The pictures below show Tiffany Trump in 2015.

She’s not gaining anything from this presidency in the way that the boys are gaining fame and Ivanka is pushing her insane Jewish globalist war agenda.

It’s just a shame she couldn’t start doing drugs or gambling instead of eating to deal with her stress.

I hate to see fat people.

Hate to see ’em.

And on Donald’s end, I can see that it is 100% necessary to do brand control on the fat daughter. He doesn’t have any choice. You can’t go around with fat women, it looks horrible.

It’s a sad situation all around.