Trump Army Repels Horde of Dindus at Rutgers University

William Martel
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos, an anti-feminist Gamergate activist and technology editor at Breitbart, recently gave a speech at Rutgers University. His speech was disrupted by a crowd of BLM protesters, smearing red paint all over themselves. Fortunately, Trump’s army of white stormtroopers were present, along with their official “Make America Great Again” Trump hats. Once the negros heard the battle-cry “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” they were immediately routed and fled for their lives. This was a massive victory. Universities have been the stronghold of liberals for many decades, but no longer. We will conquer every safe-space until the leftists have no where else to hide.

Here is the full speech at this event for those interested.