Trump and Melania, Perfect Match? Study Finds Men are More Attracted to Beauty, Women to Higher Status

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

The findings from this study may seem to make sense, but they’re actually misleading.

Daily Mail:

It has long been believed that when it come to the opposite sex, men always focus on looks.

Now researchers have backed up the theory – finding men place 27 per cent more importance on looks, while women prioritise social status by a similar margin.

In news that may interest US President Donald Trump, 73, and his former catwalk model wife Melania, 49, researchers asked study participants to allocate 100 ‘relationship dollars’ on five qualities in a partner – physical attractiveness, social status, kindness, liveliness and creativity.

In long-term relationships, UK men rated looks as 27 per cent more important than women did. Findings among Chinese men were similar.

Meanwhile, UK women placed a 27 per cent higher value on social status than men did.

The first thing to mention here and to keep in mind while thinking this through is that men who are supposedly at the top of the social status game still get cheated on and still suffer all kinds of betrayals at the hands of women.

Even Johnny Depp.

Even Brad Pitt.

When women cheat on high status men, they don’t always do so with men of even higher status. Sometimes they’ll go for the gardener, the plumber, the pizza delivery guy, and even for some drug dealer or some broke primitive-skinned refugee.

While status gets you women, it isn’t a bulletproof defense against their whims — especially in the context of female empowerment, where the government literally takes resources that men produce and gives them to women.


This creates an illusion where men appear to be of lesser status than they actually are, and women appear to be of higher status than they actually are, often resulting in women believing they are above men. This is an inversion of the natural order, as women are naturally weaker in mind, body, and spirit.

The government practice of taking from men and giving to women makes women less scared about the consequences of betraying a high status man, and if you add divorce-related laws to the mix, it is pretty clear that the higher the status of the man, the higher the reward for betraying him is.

Furthermore, asking women what they prioritize in a relationship is highly unlikely to yield any reliable result, because women are known to lie and most of the time they don’t even have a clue about what they want, they just respond to what they feel without being conscious about it or able to put it into words.

Saying “I value a high status man” is a variant of “I want a good man, I’m a good girl, not a slut.”

So is it good looks that women want?

Is it money?

Is it status?

Is it a certain attitude?

Is it a mix of all of the above?

As the value of being provided for by men decreases in women’s eyes, the value of attitude and good looks increases, and women won’t hesitate to cheat on the men who they think they have turned into their pets with lower-status but much more exciting men.

All of this is to say, liberating women and allowing them to choose was a very big mistake. We can point at things that may or may not attract them to men, but don’t believe for a second that any of these things will immunize you against them ruining your life.

The only thing that can stop these whores from destroying everything is a cage.

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