Trump and Europe Both Allegedly Closing Borders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

Well, if anything good comes of this, maybe we will reinstate borders in white countries?

Haha, no.

I doubt they will even close them in the first place, let alone keep them closed afterward.

If they are closed, it will be a massive celebration when they are reopened, with white women out in the streets cheering the return of the brown flood.

The Hill:

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to turn back all asylum seekers at both the northern and southern borders over concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Four administration officials told The New York Times on Tuesday that the policy would apply to asylum seekers and any other migrant seeking to cross the border illegally.

Ports of entry would remain open to American citizens, green card holders and some foreigners with proper documentation as well as commercial traffic, according to the report.

Under the new policy, which the officials said would be announced within 48 hours, migrants crossing the border between the points of entry would be shuttled back to Mexico if they are crossing the southern border and would not be held for any amount of time in the U.S.

Washington Post:

Modern Europe is built on the idea of binding countries together by stripping away borders. But in the space of just a week, the coronavirus pandemic has led countries to reimpose hard frontiers across the continent, challenging the European Union’s basic model in ways that may reverberate for years.

Leaders of the 26 European countries that are part of what is normally a free-movement zone also agreed Tuesday to shut their external borders to most nonresidents for the first time.

“We are faced with a serious crisis, an exceptional one in terms of magnitude and nature,” European Council President Charles Michel said late Tuesday. “We want to push back this threat. We want to slow down the spread of this virus.”

Other leaders phrased it in martial terms: “We are at war,” French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday.

Until last week, citizens of the E.U. could move across the continent with ease, even as the virus slowly spread across its population. Just as a resident of Maryland can easily pack bags and head to Virginia, so, too, could a Pole cross into Germany.

As of Tuesday, 19 countries in Europe’s previously border-free area had imposed new border controls.

The about-face in Europe is proving as disruptive as it would be if American states imposed border controls on one another. And since Europe’s countries are no longer built for self-sufficiency and no country manufactures or grows everything it needs, the effect of the internal blockade could quickly become catastrophic.

Yeah, globalism has completely failed to meet the challenge of this disease. It failed to such an incredible extent that it appears that this alone is reason to rethink the entire project.

This disease does appear to basically just be a flu, despite all of the confusion around that. Not that many people are actually dying.

But imagine if it had been a T-Virus level event?

And believe you me, at some point, a T-Virus level event is coming. There is no way around that fact.

I guess the only solution will be for everyone to die, because anything else is racist against progress.