Trump Administration Tells Jews to Slow Down on the Land Theft

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

It was Jared Kushner telling Friedman to slow down. Now I guess Friedman has been told by Trump to slow them down.


Unilateral action by Israel to annex land in the West Bank would endanger US support for a proposed blueprint for the region, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has said.

“Israel is subject to the completion [of] a mapping process by a joint Israeli-American committee. Any unilateral action in advance of the completion of the committee process endangers the Plan & American recognition,” Friedman said, in a message posted on Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Saturday that his government had begun to draw up maps of land in the occupied West Bank, in accordance with US President Donald Trump’s proposed peace plan. However, Judging by Friedman’s message, it appears that Washington has taken issue with being excluded from the process, and could potentially withdraw support for the plan if Israel proceeds alone.

The area being mapped includes all of Israel’s illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley. Palestinians view these lands as rightfully theirs, comprising part of a future state.

I’m unclear about what role US permission plays in this process, or what role the peace plan plays in this process. Israel can steal the land and there is nothing anyone can do. The US isn’t going to stop supporting Israel because they stole more land.

And this brutal Trump peace plan does what?

No one thought the Palestinians would agree to give up more land and actually sign away their right to govern themselves for a few billion dollars. So everything is the same as before the peace plan: Israelis are going to steal land, Palestinians are going to whine, the US is going to continue sending free money to Israel that they’ve extracted from white taxpayers.

Why are we even talking about this?