Trump Administration Rejects New DACA Applications, Shortens Renewal Window Despite Supreme Court Betrayal

“I have a dream… that I’ll never have to go live in that shithole Mexico with other Mexican shitholers. I have a dream… that I’ll be able to live around white people forever.”

Remember a few days ago when people were all flipping out saying President Trump was going to legalize the DACA babies, and Daily Stormer was like, “nah man, he’s trolling.”

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Well, he was definitely trolling.


The Trump administration will reject new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as it seeks new avenues to dismantle parts of the program, the administration announced Tuesday.

The administration will also shorten the window for current DACA recipients, or so-called Dreamers, to renew their status from two years to one year, according to a Tuesday memo from the Department of Homeland Security. The new policy for renewals grants the administration a chance to conduct a “comprehensive review” of the program to assess its legality after a Supreme Court ruling rejecting its efforts to dismantle the program, a senior administration official said Tuesday. The official declined to say how long that review would last, but the period could keep the program in effect beyond the presidential election in November.

The continued rejection of new applications comes despite an order by a federal court in Maryland two weeks ago for the administration to accept them. The official contended on Tuesday that the DHS memo counted as an intervening action that would allow the administration to continue rejecting new applicants in accordance with the court order.

But when asked whether he expected legal challenges to the continued rejection of new applications, the official responded flatly: “Yes, of course.”

The president’s effort at rescinding DACA was thwarted last month by the Supreme Court on procedural grounds. But the 5-4 decision left open avenues for Trump to wind down the Obama-era program.

The Supreme Court is a joke, and this is something that’s going to have to be dealt with in the future if Trump wins the election. I think we should do what the Democrats are planning to do and stack the court. Just add a bunch of judges, and pick hardcore Nazi lunatics who will go along with whatever the president wants them to go along with.

Or, maybe we can figure out a way to prosecute Neil Gorsuch for fraud, as that is clearly what he engaged in when he said he was going to be a conservative judge and follow originalism. He lied to get appointed to the court, and we should be able to take him to court over these lies.

Anyway, at least the DACA babies are going to be facing an uphill battle for the time being, even if we’re not allowed to just round them up and deport them, because of the Supreme Jokers.