Trump Administration Finally Suing Facebook! For Racism! Wait. What?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

You see the headline “Trump suing Facebook,” and you’re like “YEAAHHHH BOI, LET’S DO THIS THANG!!!111”

Then all of the sudden you read the second part of the sentence, and find out he isn’t suing them for political censorship, election meddling, privacy violations, tax evasion or any of the other things you would expect Facebook to be sued for.


He’s suing them for racist housing advertisements.

No joke.


The Trump administration charged Facebook on Thursday with “discrimination” in its advertising practices for housing.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is seeking damages for any person who was harmed by Facebook’s advertising policies, which until recently allowed employers and landlords to limit their audiences on the basis of race, ethnicity or gender. Facebook settled a lawsuit with the ACLU over the practice last week and overhauled its systems as a result.

”[Facebook] holds out its advertising platform as a powerful resource for advertisers in many industries, including housing and housing-related services,” the complaint says. But, “because of the way [Facebook] designed its advertising platform, ads for housing and housing-related services are shown to large audiences that are severely biased.”

HUD is asking for unspecified monetary damages and “the maximum civil penalty” against Facebook for each violation of housing laws.

I’m thunderstruck.

Golarnd Bromph is like the villain from the game Twisted Metal.

That my friends is a PS1 battle royale game. The original battle royale game. You drove cars and killed everyone else driving cars inside of a city.

Anyway, once you beat the game, you met the creator of the game, and in an end game cinematic that was different for every character, he answered your one wish. The wish was always granted in some fucked up way that was worse than if it hadn’t been granted at all.

Here’s a YouTube collection of all the endings from TM2.

This is what Blorgamf does.

With every wish.

Immigration Wish

America: “Mr. President, we want you to stop illegal immigration!”

Trump: “Sure, I’ll stop illegal immigration – by making it legal!

Wall Wish

America: “Mr. President, we want you to build a wall!”

Trump: “Sure, I’ll build a mass concrete wall with barb wire to keep everyone safe in an ethnically pure country – in Israel!

Jobs Wish

America: “Mr. President, we need you to create jobs!

Trump: “Sure, I’ll create more jobs than ever before – for blacks, hispanics and immigrants!

Big Tech Wish

America: “Mr. President, we want you to stop the abuses of the tech industry!”

Trump: “Sure, I’ll stop the big tech industry from abusing – the blacks!

Wars Wish

America: “Mr. President, we’re sick of these endless wars, please stop them!”

Trump: “Sure, I’ll stop these endless wars, I’m already pulling out of Syria – actually, no I’m not! I’m Queen Esther, savior of Jews!

Antifa Trump.


I should have voted for Heather Heyer.

At least she wouldn’t have served a full term.