Trump Addresses Video of Black Man Torturing Old White Man in Nursing Home

We’ve probably all seen a fair amount of videos of black people beating up old white people in the nursing homes. If you haven’t seen such things, the videos are all over YouTube. Maybe they’ve been deleted because it’s racist to show video of blacks doing things people don’t like.

Despite being desensitized to this sort of thing, the recently released videos of the black man Jadon Hayden beating up an elderly man in a nursing home in Detroit are extremely difficult to watch. The difference is that most of the videos I’ve seen before just showed the blacks losing their temper and going nuts, while this video shows the black methodically torturing the old man, repeatedly pounding his head, slowly.

I don’t think it is possible for any white person to watch that and not think of their own grandparents and feel a kind of sick twisting in their stomach. That is someone’s grandpa being tortured, simply because he’s unable to defend himself and the black man hates white people. I’m sure more than one grown man has teared up watching this. It’s just one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.

The video has been making the rounds, and Donald Trump himself has seen it and addressed it on Thursday.

This one tweet has really endeared him to me this week, despite all of this flu hoax nonsense he’s been involved in. If there’s one thing in America you’re not supposed to talk about, it’s black people doing things to hurt white people. We are supposed to believe that blacks are an eternal victim class. We are told that blacks just go jogging and get shot by mean white people because of the color of their skin. The reality is that many blacks have a deep-rooted hatred for white people and take pleasure in hurting us.

Because Trump tweeted about it, millions of people who would have otherwise not seen this video will see it, and all white people who see that understand that this is pure racial hatred being expressed in the most sadistic imaginable way. That may make them think twice the next time they hear the story of how blacks are eternally oppressed victims.

The black was arrested on Thursday.

Click on Detroit:

Detroit police announced they had made an arrest just hours after video of an elderly man being beaten in a Metro Detroit nursing home had surfaced.

The video is hard to watch, a 75-year-old -man being punched repeatedly by another patient who appeared to be videoing the beating himself. Local4 has chosen to blur and stop the image. But the disturbing assault continues for almost another minute, until the elderly man begins to bleed.

Online there was outrage. Dozens of people saying they were shocked. One woman on twitter asking “How can you do this? I feel physically sick.”

It was initially Ann Arbor Police who alerted DPD to the videos which had already been widely shared online. The nursing home, Westwood Nursing Home in northwest Detroit, told police today they had not seen the video.

“What our investigations is revealed so far that the nursing home was going to wherever an assault until they saw a video. We’re still investigating that aspect,” DPD Chief James Craig said during a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Detroit police were able to quickly arrest the 20-year-old man who was being held on complaints of some degree of assault and battery. The 75-year-old man is now being treated at a local hospital for non life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The law firm representing the nursing home sent a statement in response to the incident late Thursday saying the attacker was not a long term resident, but had been admitted for rehabilitation and recovery on a temporary basis and the video had been recorded on May,15th.

This should be a bigger story, and last longer in the media, than the Ahmaud Arbery jogging murder hoax. But we all know that it won’t be. The media is reporting a little bit on it today because they have to, but they will drop it as soon as they can and start again with how all blacks are victims of all white and how all white people should go around feeling guilty all the time for the horrors they’ve committed against the poor innocent blacks who didn’t ever do nothing.