Trump Accuses FDA of Being “The Deep State or Whoever,” Reportedly Wants to Rush Vaccine

The President is totally right about the FDA being run by the Deep State, I’m sure.

But this vaccine is the Injected Deep State.

We do not want this vaccine.


The Trump administration is considering fast tracking an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed in the U.K. for use in the United States ahead of the nation’s upcoming presidential election, according to a Financial Times report, which cited three people briefed on the plan.

One option, according to the FT report, would involve the U.S. Food and Drug Administration awarding “emergency use authorization” for the vaccine, which was developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca told the FT that it hasn’t discussed an emergency use authorization for its potential vaccine with the U.S. government. A spokesperson for Health and Human Services, which includes the FDA, told FT that any claim of an emergency authorization for a vaccine before the election is “absolutely false.”

The latest revelation comes amid reports that Trump on Sunday will announce the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma for Covid-19.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump made a baseless accusation that the FDA was standing in the way of drug companies’ efforts to test potential coronavirus vaccines and treatments for political reasons.

“Baseless accusation.”

How does the media know what it is or isn’t based on?

Of course the FDA is political. Everything is political. The hydroxychloroquine tests showed that the drug was effective and the FDA blocked it despite all these doctors saying it worked. It’s almost impossible to get. That happened after a bunch of doctors were saying it worked. They did it to thwart Trump.

The ideal situation here would be for Trump to be able to declare that the coronavirus disappeared, and then ban the CDC from recording deaths. Everything would just go back to normal. This virus has not increased deaths. The people who are allegedly dying from it would have died from something else. If the virus had never been identified, no one would be thinking about it, everything would be normal.

Because he can’t do that, he’s thinking the vaccine will allow him to declare victory. That might be true, assuming he wins the election.

But I’m not taking this vaccine.