True Science: Driving a Car to Work is Better for the Environment Than Walking

Greta Thunberg urged people to Unite Behind The Science and stop driving cars in an attempt to save the planet, but it turns out that driving a car is better for the planet than walking.

This really exposes the fact that climate change “science” is Fake Science. Instead of observing, measuring, and testing, they just make graphs with predictions based on whatever they feel like pushing at the moment, without any kind of application of the scientific method. It’s no wonder that they’re always wrong.

Daily Mail:

It may have many health benefits including cutting the risk of catching coronavirus. But walking to work could produce more greenhouse gas than driving, a study has found.

The carbon footprint of producing the extra food a walker needs as ‘fuel’ for the journey would be more than that of a car travelling the same distance.

Researchers estimate that, in a country with high calorie diets such as the UK, walking for one kilometre would require food that would have generated around 0.26kg of carbon dioxide compared with 0.21kg of CO2 for the petrol used by a car.

The scientists, from Otago University in New Zealand and Oxford University, said a carshare scheme over short distances could produce less greenhouse gas than one person walking. 

Cycling was more energy efficient than either.

Food is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the scientists calculate that in developed countries like the UK, eating extra food has a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Growing food requires a lot of energy to be used, for fertiliser, transport and packaging.

The information should be considered by companies or governments encouraging people to walk to work compared to other options.

The climate change people should have looked into this before going nuts over people driving cars to work. But they haven’t, because — as the whole coronavirus hysteria has shown — people operate based on feelings.

Everyone’s going to die! The virus is here! You are burning the planet with your car and killing all of the koalas!

You are stealing our future!

We must stop literally a harmless flu from reaching people! We must stop the weather from changing!

It’s pure sensationalism, without any basis in reality.

These things are pushed by the same kind of people, and thrive under the same kind of circumstances. The moment we start asking questions and demanding facts, the spell starts to break down.