Trudeau Says That the Pandemic Will be Over in the Spring When the Vaccine Comes (Why?)

They are saying the coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective, meaning that the risk of getting and then dying from the virus will be “negligible.”

However, currently the risk of getting and then dying from the virus is negligible.

What is the vaccine going to change?

Global News:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canadians will only need to hold on for “a few more months” as he says the country will begin to see the other side of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the spring.

However, he warned that Canada is in for a “tough winter.”

“People just need to hang on. It’s not forever, it’s only for a few more months,” Trudeau said in an interview for The Mike Farwell Show, which aired on 570 News Kitchener on Tuesday.

“We can do what we need to do to keep our loved ones safe and mostly as well keep our front-line workers from being overwhelmed and our hospital rooms from being overfilled.”

Yes, there is definitely no “hospital overfill” risk right now. We’ve known that since March.

The vaccine will in practice change absolutely nothing, even if it works exactly like they say it does. You will still have a very remote chance of contracting the flu and dying.

Right now, the virus has about a 99.97% survival rate for those who are infected with it, and you have about a 10% chance of getting infected with it. This means that any given person in society has about a 0.003% chance of dying from it. What exactly will be the difference if that changes to a 0.0003% chance of catching the virus and dying from it?

Imagine it was the reverse – imagine there was a lottery where you only had a 0.0003% chance of winning, and then someone said, “NOW with a 0.003% chance of winning!” Would it make you more likely to play that lottery?

(Note: Please don’t judge those numbers, there are not meant to be exact, but they are very close to the official numbers.)

There is zero reason that the hysteria will end if the vaccine comes. They will absolutely still be able to point to people who died from this virus, they will absolutely continue to be able to inflate a fake death toll.

Trudeau himself said that he’s going to use this vaccine to create a “Great Reset.” The vaccine plays no direct role in that process.

You gave up all of your freedoms – why would they give them back to you, ever?

Because they’re nice people?