Trudeau Flees Rally After Being Mobbed by Anti-Hoaxers, Literally Says “That’s Not Who We Are”

The “leaders of the free world” experience only artificial support from a part of the population who are hypnotized and zombie-like. The left is really just a group of people who believe everything they are told by the government and media.

The left agrees with itself about everything, because they just worship the narrative.

That’s why people on the right are constantly disagreeing with each other – it’s because they are actually thinking, looking at different materials, coming up with different ideas, while the left is just a zombie horde.

The zombie mob is not very interested in supporting their own politicians and other figures. That’s why the system uses Antifa, a mob of paid drug addicts, to support government positions in public.

Without paid pro-government shills, you would think, by looking at the public rallies, that 100% of the population is against the liberal world order.


A campaign rally for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was abruptly called off after a rowdy group of demonstrators crashed the event, with the PM’s Liberal Party saying it canceled the appearance for “safety reasons.”

A sizable crowd of protesters attended an outdoor event for the prime minister on Friday, held in a hotel parking lot in Bolton, Ontario, 31 miles (50km) from Toronto. After a two-hour wait, however, Trudeau still hadn’t addressed supporters, and a campaign volunteer informed attendees that the event would no longer take place.

A party spokesperson later said the rally was axed for “safety reasons,” though didn’t elaborate.

Footage of the raucous demonstrators has circulated online, with some heard shouting expletives about the PM, while at least one protester was seen hoisting a flag emblazoned with the words “F**k Trudeau.” Many voiced outrage over Canada’s Covid-19 restrictions and potential vaccine requirements.

According to one journalist present for the rally, some showed up to protest for their “vaping rights,” though she did not elaborate.

Trudeau later relocated the event to nearby Brampton, where he explained that his party “could not guarantee the safety of those in attendance” at the site in Bolton. He called for his detractors to be treated with “compassion,” saying the last year had been difficult for all Canadians, but that a political event is no place for such anger.

“This is not who we are,” he told supporters.

Can you imagine actually saying “this is not who we are” in current year?

Every time they say one of these slogans, it sounds like they’re mocking themselves, and mocking the right at the same time.

But their own supporters really do love these slogans, which they’ve been programmed to respond to positively.

That’s why they don’t get new slogans. Just like Baby Boomers only want to listen to “Hotel California” over and over again, all leftists just want to hear “not who we are” over and over again.

Despite the fact that the entire media, The Science, and the government have all admitted that vaccines are never going to end, and the current vaccine does not work, this is the slogan, so they just keep saying it.

I will tell you this: these anti-hoax protests would be a lot easier if everyone was on the same page, and saying the obvious fact:

There is no virus.