Trucker Rushes Crowd with His Truck in Minneapolis!

Well, I mean… eventually, people are going to get mad.

Channel News Asia:

A tanker truck drove into protesters on interstate highway 35 West in Minneapolis, but none of the marchers were injured, according to a Reuters witness.

The driver then got out of the truck and was beaten by protesters, the Reuters witness said.

Protesters surrounded the truck and appeared to try to get into the cabin before Minneapolis police surrounded the tanker with guns drawn. The driver was then arrested.

Although there were no immediate reports of protesters being hurt, the driver himself was taken to hospital after being hauled from his vehicle, the governor of Minnesota told reporters.

“I don’t know the motives of the driver at this time but at this point in time, to not have tragedy and many deaths is simply an amazing thing,” Tim Walz said.

Television footage showed that several hundred protestors were on the bridge which had been closed to traffic when the truck suddenly appeared.

It was not immediately clear if the truck had breached a barricade or had been given permission to enter.

Although he did not drive straight at the bulk of the crowd, the driver showed little sign of slowing down and some of the protesters could be seen desperately running to the side of the road before the truck eventually came to a halt.

We’ve got more angles on the video.

Rather than discuss the man’s motives, which I’m quite certain we all understand to be “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORRRRRREEEEE AGGHHHHGHGHHGGGGGHHHH!!!!!”, I would like to discuss his soundtrack.

Try playing all of these clips with the video of the rush and see which one you think fits best.

So the obvious song, which I assume has been going through all of our heads as a theme for the recent riots, is Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction.”

However, for me, the immediate song I had in my head with this particular clip was Blue Oyster Cult’s “Burnin’ for You.”

But the more times I watched that clip, I started to really get the vibe of Bob Seger’s “Shakedown.”

Then I guess we have to point out the obvious: any song by AC/DC totally works. “Highway to Hell” is the most obvious.

But I know what you’re thinking now, because I’m thinking it too: “Isn’t there a Tom Petty song that works too…?” And the answer is “YES!” – it’s “You Wreck Me Baby.”

But wait, he asks – what about 00s nu-metal? Would any song from that era work? And the answer is “YES!” But I think Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” works especially well.

And of course – of course, you all knew this was coming – “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool.

And my favorite song from that era also works well – Andrew W.K.’s “Party Hard.”

My only hope is that the first thing that the people who rushed his truck did was take note of the song that was blasting out of the speakers, and that this gets reported very, very soon.

Because this is one mystery that is really killing me.


Trucker identified!

I wonder if they’re going to blame a Russian conspiracy?

FOX 9:

The man who was behind the wheel when a truck drove through a large group of protesters on I-35W in Minneapolis on Sunday has been booked into the Hennepin County Jail, deputies report.

According to the sheriff’s office, Bogdan Vechirko is being held on suspicion of assault.

It’s more likely the guy is actually from the Ukraine than from Russia proper, given that there aren’t a lot of people from Russia proper given work visas in America.

It will be kind of hilarious if they do say this is a Russian plot.