Truck of Peace Attack in Germany, Syrian Child Rams 8 Cars!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

Workplace violence incident?

Mental health crisis?

Assault truck?

Pick your narrative, just don’t mention the haji thing.


An incident involving a stolen truck that plowed into traffic in the city of Limburg, Germany has been classified as terrorism, according to the country’s public broadcaster.

At least nine people were injured in the attack, which was reportedly carried out by a man from Syria in his early 30s.

I think it’s a little bit presumptuous to assume his age, no? We’re dealing with precious children here. Like those other two famous ones from the photos – I forget their names.

Besides, “early 30s” is a culturally relative (read: White Supremacist) way of designating age. If this man is one of Merkel’s children, then he is not 30 years old, by definition.

Just sayin’.

Although the suspect’s motives were initially unclear, authorities are now treating the crime as an act of terrorism, public broadcaster ZDF reported, citing security officials.

After dragging a driver of a white Mercedes truck from his vehicle, the suspect is said to have accelerated into a group of cars stopped at a traffic light. The attack damaged eight vehicles and scattered debris across the road.

This appears to have been a spontaneous chimpout, not anything planned or serious. The Syrian child just got really, really angry at White people. I’m surprised that this doesn’t happen a lot more often than thrice a year in Germoney.

I mean maybe it does, and the media just covers it up. I wouldn’t put it past them, would you?

But you know who is really to blame for all of this?

I think the answer is quite simple: Joker. 


That violent and horrid film is glorifying violence and no doubt led to this tragedy.

We need to ban Joker if we are to have any semblance of peace and decency in our society again.

And double down on the progress and tolerance and Multi-Kulti too, of course.