Truck Drivers Banned from Carrying Ham Sandwich Across the Border with the EU

The EU shills constantly claim that the UK is creating problems by leaving the EU.

However, all of the problems they cite are caused by the outrageous and Germany-tier legalism of the EU.

Maybe this is part of why the UK wanted to leave the EU in the first place?

The Guardian:

Lorry drivers will be banned from taking a ham and cheese sandwich or other meat and dairy products from the UK into the EU from 1 January, even if it is just to eat while driving, UK government officials have said.

Personal imports of certain products of animal origin will be prohibited from 11pm on 31 December, a ban which will also apply to tourists travelling to the EU.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs advised transport representatives of the ban this week and gave the specific example in its updated guidance of an ordinary sandwich.

The official guidance states: “Drivers travelling to the EU should be aware of additional restrictions to personal imports taking effect from 1 January 2021. If you are carrying prohibited items in your luggage, vehicle or person you will need to use, consume, or dispose of them at or before the border.

“From 1 January 2021 you will not be able to bring POAO (products of an animal origin) such as those containing meat or dairy (eg a ham and cheese sandwich) into the EU.”

One operator whose fleet of trucks collects vegetables from Belgium said he had not been aware of the new rules and that it could cause friction at the border.

“God help the poor customs bloke who is going to turf out the driver’s packing up box [food box]. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are fisticuffs if they try,” Simon Wilkinson said. “The thing is, when drivers are going to Europe they pack up their box for days and weeks. The tractor [the cab of the trailer] is basically their home from home. You have microwaves, the works, in your tractor so that if you do get stuck, or if you are away for a week if you are going somewhere like Spain, you are self-sufficient.”

I guess they’re all going to have to become vegans, because apparently plant-based personal food items are allowed to cross the border.

As we know, as we spent the entirety of 2016 talking about, the main reason people voted “leave” was due to immigration. That was established, even by the government and media themselves.

However, beyond that, the EU is a German system that the UK did not benefit from. There were globalists and Jews in the UK government, who set up the UK to submit to this system.

Now it’s got to the point where they’re saying “if you don’t want to be on board with globalism, then we’re going to take your sandwich out of your lunch box.”

I don’t have faith that the UK is going to successfully leave the EU, especially if Donald Trump is being forced out of office. Joe Biden’s people are globalists, who will side with the EU globalists against the nationalistic impulses of the British people. We can now see, without any doubt, that this is what it was about from the beginning.