TRS Ripoff Podcast Chapo Trap House Making $63,000 a Month for Their Corporate Product

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

Chapo Trap House, a leftist podcast that is a blatant ripoff of The Daily Shoah, is trying to make neo-Marxism innovative and interesting again.

While CTH is composed of a Jew and two wimpy Soy-Goys, it has enjoyed a moderate degree of success due to toning down some of the staple bigotry towards white people, as well as (tepid) criticism of Judeo-Left identity politics. They are in other words counter-revolutionaries appropriating our propaganda to try and stop the organic counter-culture the Alt-Right is building.

QUICK – which one’s the Jew???

But are they rebels? They are “anti-capitalists” who have unbridled access to every corporate platform you can think of. They are invited to tour campuses without anyone trying to censor them. Small time Leftist celebrities like Tim Heidecker and Jeremy Scahill have gone on their program.

They get ample positive publicity in the Judenpresse, with the vast majority of it being in the vein of “hold on to your hats, this ain’t your daddy’s tired Marxist boilerplate!”

Even though their audience is smaller than Fash the Nation or The Daily Shoah, these Williamsburg Pajama Boys are raking in $63,016 a month on Patreon.

That looks more impressive than it is. If The Daily Stormer or TRS were not shut out from virtually all internet platforms, we’d be making a lot more. The Daily Shoah’s humorous radio ad incident – where they were cut a big check due to an apolitical gauge of their air time’s value – proves this.

Which begs the question: why aren’t powerful people trying to stop Chapo Trap House, if they’re as *wink* *nod* dangerous *wink* *nod* as sympathetic corporate media say they are?

Modern leftists like to fancy themselves as the contemporary version of brave striking miners facing off with the Pinkerton thugs of our day. But one has to wonder if it ever dawns on them why the powers that be allow them to turn rebel-chic into a very profitable enterprise.

The taboo is not economics. Most of the Alt-Right agrees with their critiques of neoliberalism.

The two camps see eye-to-eye on the neocon foreign policy agenda, except we’re willing to go the extra step and morally support Assad, Iran and North Korea against imperialism. Most of the “radical Left” supported the Free Syrian Army, the CIA controlled Peshmerga and now they’re even shilling for the groups trying to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela!

It’s not their tactics or presentation. They are just as foul and vicious, and constantly single people out for bullying. They utilize trolling all the time, though they do not do it well.

That leaves one conclusion: this is just another corporate product to consume. They go half way but never all the way, and they’re well-aware of the limits.

The only way you know you’re firing in the right direction is when you hear an anguished echo of “OY VEY” emanating from the woodlands. Suddenly, you find yourself in a massive struggle for your rights and existence!

Whether it’s satire like Sam Hyde, the synthesis of Opie & Anthony with radical politics like The Daily Shoah, or the cultural phenomenon known as The Daily Stormer, we’re all under constant siege from DC, NYC and LA power-Zionists. Does anyone gang-stalk the extended family of Chapo Trap House “shock-jocks”? Are they being targeted by SLAPP lawsuits? Do paramilitary groups shut down their college campus tours? Are their career prospects and wage-cuck jobs at risk for the opinions they express?

This is why CTH refuses to debate anyone from the Alt-Right (they will occasionally host a libergtarian or cuck punching bags on there) in spite of multiple challenges. They won’t do it because they will lose and their brand will suffer. It’s not just fear of an ideological confrontation, they’re afraid their big money donors and capitalist sponsors will stop filling their pockets, just like Megyn Kelly after her Alex Jones interview.

They can try and appropriate our culture, just like the ADL tried to appropriate Pepe, but they’re fighting an obsolete war. The battle lines are no longer drawn between the left and right, the new war is globalism vs nationalism.

The only audience left for them are Portland/Austin/Williamsburg 1% shitlibs and granola grad students – the few insulated from the pain and horror of this emerging new order.

Their po-mo Leftism is a product of their bourgeois class consciousness, as Marx would say. Let them count their shekels while they can – we’re on the rise!