Trolls, Satirists and Comedians are the Real Journalists

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

The average “journalist” working for the mainstream Jewish media is nothing more than a malicious troll promoting lies and hoaxes.

We are now at a point in time where the most honest and truthful sources of news and analysis comes from a combination of trolls, satirists and comedians on the Internet. Mainstream journalism, which is largely run by Jews, has become one of the most grotesque jokes imaginable. They maliciously troll their audiences with absurd and ridiculous lies. Anonymous people posting comments on the Internet have even become a more trustworthy source of information than these frauds.

Trolls, satirists and comedians use humor to reveal important truths. This is in stark contrast to “journalists,” who present themselves as serious figures but consistently push lies while engaging in highly unethical behavior.

Let’s for a moment review some of the big lies they’ve pushed along with specific examples showing their extreme lack of ethics.

Climate change hoax

These “journalists” for years have promoted the enormous lie that man-made carbon emissions are causing changes in the climate which will result in an environmental doomsday apocalypse. This hoax was recently debunked by a Finnish study, and countless environmental doomsday predictions promoted by these people have never come to pass. Yet despite that, they continue trolling their audiences with this overtly retarded narrative while pushing increasingly more insane doomsday predictions.

Russiagate hoax

For the past two years, the American people were subjected to an endless number of lies from these “journalists” who claimed that Donald Trump was a Russian agent working for Vladimir Putin. Michael Isikoff, a Jewish writer for Yahoo! News and who was a major figure promoting this hoax, did not lose his job. Instead, he was later allowed to write a so-called “exclusive” article claiming that theories about Seth Rich’s murder were part of a Russian conspiracy. As if Isikoff had any standing or credibility to make such claims. Yahoo! News was effectively trolling their audience by publishing such an article by this discredited Jew “journalist.”

Jewish Holocaust hoax

Despite there being no real evidence that six million Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms by Adolf Hitler during World War II, these “journalists” continue to promote this stupid hoax. They do this because they mostly work for organizations run by Jews who benefit off of extorting non-Jews with this insane lie. It is a troll of outlandish proportions.

Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction hoax

The Jewish “journalist” Judith Miller was at the forefront of promoting a lie claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, which was used to justify an American military invasion of Iraq. Instead of being blacklisted from the industry for promoting this lie, Fox News recently allowed her to write an op-ed on their website shilling for a war against Venezuela. She’s literally the last person you would ask to dissect such matters. So just by publishing her article, Fox News was trolling their audience and mocking their intelligence.

Syria chemical weapons hoax

Using random video footage of children being sprayed with water hoses, these “journalists” concluded that this was proof that Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad was gassing his own people with chemical weapons. Any person with basic common sense could understand that such a video alone was not proof that Assad gassed his own people. But that did not stop these “journalists” from trolling their audience with this insanity. These claims were later debunked and it was revealed that the entire video was staged propaganda.

Falsely claiming that right-wing groups and personalities aren’t being censored on the big social media sites

These “journalists” have been consistently claiming that right-wing groups and personalities are not being censored and blacklisted on the big social media sites. This is obviously not true. Project Veritas obtained video showing employees within these companies admitting that people with right-wing views are censored and blacklisted in a variety of ways. They even interviewed a whistleblower from Pinterest who exposed all sorts of chicanery.

There’s also a huge list of high profile right-wingers who have been banned from these sites. Yet despite that, these “journalists” troll their audiences and claim that these things are not happening.

Take in point a recent Washington Post video claiming that Donald Trump was wrong about all the obvious censorship that’s taken place.

Jim Acosta and CNN reporters constantly trolling Donald Trump and White House staff

Jim Acosta’s role and the role of other CNN reporters who have covered the White House has only been to troll Donald Trump and his staff. It’s abundantly clear that they are not there to report facts about what’s happening in the White House. All they do is harass Trump and his staff with sarcastic and smug questions. There’s numerous examples of Acosta doing this.

And on top of that, a CNN reporter named Brian Karem went so far as to challenge former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka to a fight by asking him to “step outside” on the White House grounds the day of Trump’s recent social media summit. When Gorka responded to him by calling him a “punk,” media outlets selectively edited the clips to only show Gorka calling him out without showing what transpired before.

Take in point this clip from the Washington Post.

A video clip posted by Mediaite clearly shows Karem asking him to “step outside,” which everyone knows is a phrase commonly used to challenge someone to a fight.

Huffington Post publishing fake quotes from Daily Stormer Publisher Andrew Anglin

We are now at a point where these “journalists” believe that they can get away with publishing fake quotes from people without correction. Anglin has written an entire article describing how the Huffington Post is allowing fake quotes attributed to him to be published while ignoring his requests to have the fake quotes removed. The fact that this is now a practice being adopted by these so-called “journalists” is completely insane and once again shows that these people are not engaging in legitimate journalism.

There’s obviously many more examples, but just these examples alone reveal the malicious level of trolling these so-called “journalists” are involved in.

When we publish satire, it is made abundantly clear that it is satire and that the satire is being used to reveal specific truths. These “journalists” do the opposite by pretending to be serious journalists in order to push lies on people. And that is why you are going to get more truth from trolls, satirists and comedians than you will these supposedly serious “journalists.” In fact, the idea that these clowns claim to be” journalists” is perhaps the biggest troll of them all.