Trolls, Assemble: NRO Raid Time Again!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2016

Jonah-Goldberg kike

Jonah Goldberg, top NRO kike. Trump-hater

david french

David French, top NRO cuck and lover of Negroid childrens. Trump-hater.

Why are we raiding NRO again?

Because teh lulz. And because we hate these kikes and their cuckboys.

We ride at 7:00 PM EST. But if you want to start early, no one will punish you.

Miz is unimpressed

The raid will last one week. In your free time when you’re sitting around doing nothing with your cellphone, shitpost like a madman.

Mission outline, from my close mate Abram Cohen, Cheif Raidmaster and NRO ethusiest:

OBJECTIVESDrive off as much of the NRO readership as possible.

Overwhelm the mods/get them banned. We succeeded in getting two mods banned last time by them tagging each other. This time, let’s get as many as we can through imitation sock puppets.

Overwhelm the site. The sheer magnitude of comments and traffic we will be sending their way will hopefully be enough to wreck havoc on the integrity of the site itself. We must make our presence felt.
Bring evermore awareness of the Alt Right/White Nationalism. We have been written about a lot recently in fairly well known publications. This raid will serve as another way to bring attention to us. It is quite possible that news of this attack could spread and have us written about.

Give incentive to NRO for shutting down their comments entirely. That would be the ultimate victory.
Bring glory to both our home here at TRS and for the almighty Trumpenfuhrer. We go forth into battle in his name.

Make it clear to the cucks what a great many Trump supporters really are. Cement in their mind that Trump supporter = “racist” or White nationalist. This will further divide the GOP.


The primary mode of attack will be an outright spamming of comments by the many thousands of participants. We learned last time that any sort of reasoned commentary will get deleted as quickly as anything else. Anything goes. We want to completely overwhelm the mods.

Create as many sock puppets as you can in preparation for the attack. Use sites like to crank out dozens of emails and Disqus accounts so that you can quickly switch to a sock if banned.
Impersonate the mods. This will throw them into confusion and hopefully get them to ban each other by means of friendly fire. We can also give them false information under the guise of a mod.

Here are the mods to impersonate with sock puppet accounts:

Aristotelian 1:


All for Naught:

Mars Attacks!:



There are more of course, but these are the most active. Make these impersonations convincing by copying the name, profile picture, and bio to the T. Also, consider building up a comment count to make yourself even more convincing.

Attack the first article on the front page unless instructed otherwise. Unless another article is specifically pertaining to race, bashing Donald Trump, or the Alt Right, we will be attacking the first article. As the days go by, keep on target by attacking whatever the first article is.

Some of you will need to comment down thread to distract the mods from the torrent of incoming hostile comments.

Here’s the site, for anyone who doesn’t know:

National Review Online

Give em hell, boys.


And as always, take screenshots of your funny crap and post them in the comments thread. The best trolls will be featured on the front page.


Hail Victory.