Trollable: Cuckfederates Attack David Duke, Say Save Southern Heritage with Colored Folk

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2015

President Jefferson Davis fought for your right to exist. You have a duty to fight for his right to be remembered as the hero he was.
President Jefferson Davis fought for your right to exist. You have a duty to fight for his right to be remembered as the hero he was.

As the reader is aware, the attack on the Confederate flag and the history of the Confederacy is an attack on all White European-American culture.

They will not stop with tearing down Nathan Bedford Forrest statues – or digging up his grave – and Robert E. Lee Statues. Eventually – and probably sooner, rather than later – it is going to be tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson and renaming the Washington Monument the “Martin Luther King Phallus.”

If we don't stop this now, the Apotheosis of Washington will be painted black and renamed "muh dik, muffugguh."
If we don’t stop this now, the Apotheosis of George Washington will be painted black and renamed “muh dik, muffugguh.”
Eventually, instead of simply lighting up the White House with a rainbow, they are going to paint it rainbow colors and rename in the GRIDS mansion
Instead of simply lighting up the White House with a rainbow, they are going to paint it rainbow colors and rename in the GRIDS mansion

After they kill off Jefferson and Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers, they will then go after every historical White male of relevance, all the way back to Plato. They will literally tear down the Parthenon, claiming it is a symbol of oppression of the colored folk.

As such, resistance must be aggressive and powerful.

The Cuckolding of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

There are two major organizations in the state of Louisiana who are fighting back against the attempts to crush the heritage of the South in the name of… stopping the oppression of Blacks, I guess. Or whatever. None of that has ever been clear.

Blacks have attempted to dig up the grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Blacks have attempted to dig up the grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
How long before they torch Monticello?
How long before they torch Monticello?

These organizations are the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The latter organization recently held an event at a hotel on the LSU campus, which David Duke was invited to. Hearing that this top-hater and shape-shifting wolf would be there to defend the continued existence of White heritage, the Jewish-run #BlackLivesMatter movement decided to stage a protest and burn the Confederate flag.

Dr. David Duke was invited by the Daughters of the Confederacy to the hotel meeting, but he was promptly ambushed by a fat cuck called Thomas Taylor who began agitating for the Black terrorists.

Cuckfederate Thomas Taylor
Cuckfederate Thomas Taylor

This cuckold who claims to wish to defend the heritage of the South literally sided with the Blacks against Duke, and got the good Dr. escorted off the premises by the cops – despite protests from the organizers of the event.


LSU Police removed David Duke from LSU’s Lod Cook Hotel after they said he was asked to leave by the hotel manager during a meeting of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Duke said he was invited to the gathering on his website, but a representative of the group told News 2 that was not the case.

Duke, a Louisiana politician and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, was outside the hotel after the event finished when he got into an argument with another man about the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The hotel manager told Duke to leave and LSUPD officers escorted him off the premises.

Though the Jew media isn’t reporting it, a member of the DotC has distributed a letter where she explains Taylor’s role.

From it:

I along with many of the UDC members at LSU are very thankful for the LSU students and Representative David Duke for coming to support us. But one man ruined it all: Thomas Taylor.

Over the years, my heart has been broken and broken again and again by the sick, ongoing destruction of our Southern and our American heritage. In fact, the insane immigration and policies of the U.S. Government and an evil completely non-Christian mass media are literally wiping out our Southern lineage. They are dedicated to making white people a minority in the nation that our forefathers and foremothers created.

Is there any SCV member or Daughter of the Confederacy, or for that matter, any white person — so stupid as not to realize that today there is a war of hate and destruction by the government and the media establishment in America not just on our Confederate heritage but on the white people of this nation?

But never have I seen a more sickening, disgusting traitor to our Southern heritage and people than what I witnessed in Thomas E. Taylor at the Cook Hotel on the LSU campus.

It should be pointed out that Dr. David Duke actually is the only person I know of in the whole country who was able to get a critical monument of our Southern History actually restored after it was taken down in New Orleans and slated for demolition.

He led the effort in court that won the re-erection of the Liberty Monument in New Orleans. The historic Liberty Monument was supported by the Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The monument honored the brave Confederate veterans who fought and died for our freedom against the horror of the Black Reconstruction Terror in 1874. It was Dr. David Duke who saved it and restored it! That’s the fact!

At the urging of some of us and the students, Dr. Duke came to his alma matter LSU at our request to help defend us.

Students brought Dr. Duke over to the hotel where he talked with a number us here in the UDC.

Some of the news personnel interviewed some of the students and Dr. Duke about the issues facing LSU and the South. As always Dr. Duke did a masterful job pointing out that Confederate Veterans were the ones who made LSU into the great institution that it is, and he exposed the terrorist and openly Marxist Black Lives Matter movement which is demanding the UDC should not be able to even gather on LSU property.

Dr. Duke powerfully pointed out that if anyone should be barred from LSU, it should be the supporters of the Marxist, terrorist Black Lives Matter that should be barred from LSU, not the fine ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

So what did Taylor do?

When David Duke came to support us, Taylor proceeded to attack Dr. Duke, which is exactly what the leftist anti-white media wanted. Why should David Duke be attacked by a spokesman for an organization that honors the Confederacy when Dr. Duke has supported the cause of Southern heritage for over 40 years of untiring work?

Thomas E. Taylor, approached some of the students who invited Dr. Duke and berated them for inviting Dr. Duke.

Then, hovering like a Svengali, he insisted that Sarah Grace Brooks, president of the Baton Rouge chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy that she get on camera and denounce the students and Dr. David Duke who came to support us!

He told her what to say: “Our values and our morals do not align with anything he (Dr. Duke) stands for.” She shouldn’t have made this untrue statement but I know that it was this traitor, Taylor, who influenced her to do so.

No elected official in the state of Louisiana dared to voice support for our confederate heritage at LSU. No elected official came to LSU in our support. Only Dr. David Duke came when asked. No person in the United States of America has done more to defend our Southern and American heritage than Dr. David Duke.

Mr. Taylor didn’t speak against the Black Lives Matter terrorists or the NAACP, or the cowardly politicians who are burning our Confederate flag and destroying our monuments as well as defaming our great heroes such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.

No, this Scalawag chose to attack the most well known spokesman for our Southern and American heritage in Louisiana, in our nation, even across the world.

When I saw Mrs. Brooks standing up with Taylor hovering behind and over her, as she obediently attacked Dr. Duke, it was the first time I felt shame for our organization. When I heard her terrible words on the news that night, tears came to my eyes.

They were tears for America. Tears for our Confederate heroes who fought and died for our freedom and yes, for their posterity, which is our posterity! Tears to see traitorous leaders betray our own heritage.

The confederacy was first and foremost for the Southern people. Would any of them support the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Southern people?

A number of decades-long members of SCV and UDC were there in support of the UDC and Dr. David Duke. I heard at dinner that Taylor plans to expel all the SCV members who simply came to support the UDC and also support David Duke.

Thomas Taylor is the man who needs to be expelled.

Some ladies told me last night at the hotel that there is a new popular meme in conservative circles. It is the term Cuckservative, which is both funny and a propos. Cuck is short for “cuckold” which is a derogatory term depicting a man who allows the taking of his wife and children by another man.

It has come to be defined as a person who allows the destruction of his own heritage, his own lineage. Cuckservative is symbolic of the Republicans who are allowing the destruction of their own progeny in America.

At dinner one of the girls made a funny comment about the girly men who stand by impotently while their heritage is being wiped out in America. They are “Cuckfederates!” she joked! But we all knew it was so true.

That is exactly right. The word is Cuckfederate! Thomas E. Taylor is a Cuckfederate!

We need no more Cuckfederates like Thomas E. Taylor in the SCV.

It is assumed – though not confirmed – that after arranging the police escort for Dr. Duke, Thomas Taylor then met with the Black Lives Matter folks and arranged for them to run a train on his wife, saying something like “yo dawgs, I got the racist kicked out, now I have a favor to ask you, if you could just swing by my house this evening…”

Hey, How About We Make a Thing of It?

The Jew media is – wait for it – shilling. They are claiming that Duke basically busted in, when in fact he was invited.

Here’s the local media report.

The reporter even admits that this woman, Sarah Grace Brooks:


Was being shilling for this man, Thomas E. Taylor:


Look at her looking over at Taylor, just as the letter describes, with the reporter saying “she was assured by a man off camera”:


The media which covered this needs to be held to account, as their report made no sense.

Brett Buffington (sounds like fake porno name) purposefully confused events.

LSU itself also needs to be held to account.

The University’s President should also be forced to give a statement.

I would also like Sarah Grace Brooks to explain her shilling.

Most importantly, this cuckold Taylor and his organization need to be held to account. He doesn’t appear to have a Twitter, nor does his organization.

Here is a full list of email addresses and phone numbers for the organization he represents and is trying to destroy by allying with deranged Black terrorists.

Here is the information of Taylor himself:

Thomas E. Taylor

Call him, write him or send him an email expressing your concern that he is aligning himself with Black terrorists against the White race while claiming to defend White Southern heritage. You may also wish to express your concern that his desire for Blacks to run a train on his wife represents a psychological condition which is treatable with therapy and drugs.

You may also wish to comment on the SCV website, where they make lying statements about a plan to defend the White race.

I’m Sick of It

More than I’m sick of Jews or Blacks or snackbars, I’m sick of White who are cuckolding us. And the more we fight back, the harder we resist, the further back these people move.

And when they move back, we gain ground.

Hail Victory.