TROLL CALL: Heroic Canadian Monika Schaefer Being Harassed for Denying Jew Holohoax

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2016


Monika Schaefer

Gather, Stormer Troll Army.

Monika Schaefer, the brave German-Canadian who recently released a video explaining how she had come to realize the story that six million Jews were gassed and then turned into lampshades and soap during WWII is a giant hoax, is now the victim of a “human rights complaint” from a vicious Canadian cuckold named Ken Kuzminski in her home town of Jasper, Alberta.


On her Facebook page, Monika Schaefer lists herself as a self-employed violin instructor.

In the first five seconds of her video titled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,” the former Green party candidate is shown deftly playing the violin.

However, it’s not her violin playing but what she says in the video that is garnering all of the attention.

Less than three minutes into the video Schaefer, who was born in Canada of German heritage, tells a story of how as a child she was taught to believe the Holocaust happened.

She goes on to say she confronted her parents about why they didn’t do anything to stop the Holocaust. They replied they didn’t know it was happening. Schaefer says her parents didn’t know about the genocide because “these things did not happen.”

Later in the video she says that since 2014 she started to realize the Holocaust “is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.”

Throughout the video she expresses her firm belief that six million Jews did not die at the hands of Nazi Germany and refers to the Holocaust as “the six-million lie.”

Human rights complaint

Reaction to her video has been wide ranging.

In the comments section under her YouTube posting, there are supporters — some even applauding her for “speaking the truth.” But just as many are condemning the Jasper music teacher’s comments.

Ken Kuzminski is one of them.

Kuzminski used to be friends with Schaefer but says that all changed after he saw her video. He says many people have approached him in the town of Jasper in disbelief over what Schaefer has said.

“It is a hate crime in my mind and I believe it should be investigated as such,” said Kuzminski, who is also the president of the local Legion in Jasper.

A hate crime!

He called someone having a different opinion on an historical event as the Jews a hate crime!

It’s real in his mind!

Now he is harassing a little old lady for the Jews!

cuckoldry levels

The Jews themselves weren’t even so bold as to go after this sweet old lady, recognizing it only would make them look bad and give her free publicity:

The Edmonton Jewish Federation wasn’t aware of Schaefer’s YouTube video or its contents.

After watching it, Tal Toubiana, the director of community relations and communications for the federation, was hesitant to give Schaefer any further attention.

“Any media coverage inadvertently gives her a larger audience and platform,” he said.

Imagine having even less shame than the Jews.


And the Jews were absolutely right, all this is accomplishing is bringing Monika’s truth-telling more attention and helping turn her into a folk hero, while making the oppressive Jewish/Marxist power structure of Canada look like the despicable monsters that they are.

Before Kuckminski’s complaint her video had around 30,000 views, now it has more than 80,000.


And contrary to what many people believe, it is not illegal to deny the Holohoax in Canada as she does in the video. The “Human Rights” tribunals in the various Canadian provinces are not even criminal courts. The most they can do is fine her, but since she has not “spread hate” or violated anyone’s rights, it’s highly unlikely that Kuzminski could be successful.

Therefore, he is doing this strictly to harass her and hurt her financially (the Alberta government gives complainants free lawyers, but the subject of the complaint must pay for their own), as punishment for maybe possibly having hurt the Jews’ feelings.


Ken “The Canuck Cuck” Kuzminski

What I want to know is this: what kind of sick bastard goes out of his way to harass an old lady for the sole purpose of ruining her life, simply because she has an un(((orthodox))) opinion on an historical event? Seriously, I’m trying to think of ways that would make someone a lower human being than that, and I’m drawing a blank.

“Monika has a right to say whatever she wants to say, but once she’s published it I feel that’s moved on to hate speech,” Kuzminski told the Jasper newspaper, Fitzhugh.

“She can stand up and say whatever she wants, but she has to accept the consequences of doing that.”

What a slimy, greasy, filthy animal. “She can say whatever she wants but if she does I’m going to attempt to ruin her life.”


You could technically “say whatever you wanted” while living under Jew Communism as well, but then you would have to “accept the consequences.”

Kuzminski, who is a candidate for Canada’s largest Marxist party, the NDP, truly is a vile, vicious human being who lacks any basic morality or decency whatsoever.

Thankfully, though, he does have a Twitter account.

And while he may gets his kicks by picking on harmless, sweet old ladies, we get ours by picking on soulless, treacherous traitors who actively work for the destruction of their own people and civilization in order to feel good about themselves and maybe get a pat on the back from their Jewish overlords.


Ken is most likely Polish Catholic, so the (((echoes))) around his name must just be to show “solidarity” with the Jews, or whatever. It’s great that so many traitors are self-identifying in this way along with the Jewish parasites that infect our lands though, as this way we will already know to put them into concentration camps as well when the time comes.

They really are making our job a lot easier by doing that.

Grown men who are actually nothing more than sniveling, pathetic cucks for the Jews are an epidemic in Canada, just as they are in all of our (formerly) White nations. It is for this reason Monika is not just being harassed by this Kuzminski character, she has been ostracized almost entirely from her community, which she has been an upstanding citizen of for 35 years.

She was booted out of the Green Party of Canada, for which she was a candidate and member of, and recently she was even denied entrance and escorted away from the legion hall she had belonged to after they called the police!

And it doesn’t even end there.


Oh Canada, how cucked art thou?

When Monika was scheduled to play her violin on Canada Day (July 1st) at the Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts, she was denied a permit by a creature named Dave Baker, in direct violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

His email response to her was simply: “We have considered your application for a busking permit in Jasper. In light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at this time.”

What does that even mean? Nobody even knows.

Typical SJW logic, I suppose: “You’re not included because you’re not inclusive enough.”


Fortunately, he does have a Twitter account, so maybe he’ll explain himself.


He tweets about Barbie Dolls with the hashtag #whitemencanthinkbeforetheytalk, and other incomprehensible gibberish.

Think I’m kidding?

Is this the kind of weirdo we need policing our community activities?

Who exactly does he represent?

It’s certainly not normal, law-abiding Canadians.

“Please clarify who is included in this “we” on whose behalf you claim to speak? Who takes responsibility for the decision to violate core provision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the community of Canada’s Jasper National Park?” – Tony Hall, Professor of Liberal Education and Globalization Studies, in a scathing letter to Baker

davebakerDave Baker: another pathetic cuck who is willing to do anything in his power to signal to Canada’s (((masters))) that he is a good little goyim – even if it means brazenly disregarding the law and viciously persecuting kind old ladies.

You can hit him up on Twitter and ask him what he means by “inclusivity,” and what it has to do with Monika Schaefer – an upstanding citizen of the Jasper community – playing her beloved violin at a non-political event.

Or you can send him an email at and ask him why he is violating the law to harass someone that he disagrees with.

Maybe ask him if his email is ‘betabake’ because he is a beta male who gets baked on pot and picks on anyone in a weaker position than himself in order to feel better about being such a loser and waste of space.

Judging by his picture I’d say that’s probably the case.

These cucks need to answer for their treacherous behavior, and they need to do it quickly.

*  *  *  *  *


P.S. The cucks are not alone in attacking Monika, unsurprisingly. It’s just been brought to my attention that a filthy Jewess named Sue-Ann Levy wrote a hit piece on Monika that was published in the (((Toronto Sun))).

Wouldn’t hurt to drop her a line as well.


Her email is


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