Trojan Joe Confirms He Would Shut Country Down Again If “Scientists” Told Him To

Joe Biden is going to shut this bitch down because you deserve it.

You voted for Donald Trump, then he spread this virus everywhere so it would make him rich, now you have to pay the ultimate price – again.


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would do “whatever it takes” to combat the spread of coronavirus within the country — including locking down the U.S. if deemed necessary.

“I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,” Biden told ABC’s David Muir in a joint interview with his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, to air Sunday. “We’re going to do whatever it takes to save lives.”

President Donald Trump has resisted calls for another shutdown despite a spike in coronavirus cases in many states this summer. Trump and members of his administration have argued a new lockdown would cause irreparable harm to the economy.

“We won’t be closing the country again. We won’t have to do that,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News in June.

Biden, appearing in his first interview since officially becoming the Democrat’s nominee for president this week, strongly disagreed with Trump’s reasoning.

“We cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. That is the fundamental flaw of this administration’s thinking to begin with,” he said. “In order to keep the country running and moving — and the economy growing and people employed — you have to fix the virus.”

Last week, the former vice president called on the nation’s governors to issue a universal mask mandate, but stopped short of advocating a federal mandate.

“Even though it’s uncomfortable, and we’re not used to it, wearing a mask is going to get our kids back to school sooner and safer,” Biden said then. “Every American wearing a mask outdoors is going to get our businesses back and to full strength.”

Hear that?

Science says we have to completely eradicate this flu virus before you can go back to work or have any kind of normal life.

If you didn’t want this to happen, you never should have elected the orange man.

Spawn is the first comic book with a black main character, and it’s not just edgy images – it’s well written.

You need to learn.

You must learn this.

Until then, you will pay dearly – the ultimate price…!

Voting for Trump?

Locked down forever.

The latest digital issue of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn?


That’s it, kid.

You’re finished.

It’s a comic book made by totally white men, sold to white men, with a main character who is BLACK.

It’s issue 307, it’s only digital, it’s a pandemic. Divide that number by 12. That’s how many years this comic book has been coming out. Spawn is still sad because his wife died.

Just like Joe Biden is still sad because of the billions upon trillions of people who died of coronavirus.