Trojan Horse Muslims Promoted Lee Rigby “Fakery” Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2014

Lee Rigby
Lee Rigby, murdered by diverse and colorful vibrants

Shortly after the death of Drummer Lee Rigby, a Jew on YouTube called “108morris108” came out and pushed the idea that this murder was some type of a staged event involving actors.  To my horror, some within the nationalist movement picked up on this wacky Jew’s demented idea and started spreading the idea, apparently believing that the government wants the people to think that Muslims murder people, when actually they don’t.  In fact, this the reverse of the truth – Muslims murder people constantly, while the government tries to push the idea that they don’t.

108morris108: A Jew you can trust?
108morris108: A Jew you can trust?

Though it is insane for nationalists to push this Jew’s theory, it makes much more sense for invading Muslims to push it.  And this was happening among the Trojan Horse operatives who were attempting to take over the school system of Birmingham.


Teachers at Birmingham schools at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ allegations believed the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby was a hoax and wanted to promote this view, according to a report.

The report adds: “There are also a number of postings in the discussion group giving links to conspiracy theorist videos about the murder of Lee Rigby and the Boston bombings”.

While there are some messages that clearly state the Woolwich murder “has no place in Islam”, Clarke adds: “It remains of concern that members of Park View School staff, judging from their own comments, believed that the murder of Lee Rigby was some kind of staged event or hoax, and exhorted their colleagues to spread the conspiracy videos promulgating this view to ‘all your contacts.'”

This should shed a bit of light on why these theories circulate, and who they benefit. They certainly don’t benefit Europeans, or the family of the boy these animals ran down and murdered before mutilating his corpse.

This is a theory created by a Jew and spread by Muslims for the purpose of justifying the behavior of immigrants in Europe.