Tribe of Black Primitives Throw Rocks at Paramedics Rescuing Ape with Legs Sawn Off

January 7, 2015

The troop of monkeys began throwing rocks at the paramedics when they showed up to rescue one of them, who had been torn in half by a train.

The father of a teen who had his legs severed by a locomotive has allegedly attacked the ambulance vehicle there to save his son.

Police are gobsmacked by the actions of a group of people who threw rocks at paramedics and police when they arrived to save the life of an 18-year-old hit by a slow-moving freight train yesterday morning.

Police said the victim “didn’t move at all” in the seconds before the 1.2km train severed the Aboriginal man’s legs and dragged him 10m under the carriage.

“His torso was in between the two train lines. When my officers arrived he was virtually unconscious,” Taree Inspector Allan Fidock said.

“Everyone assumed that he was deceased but then he has murmured and moved.

“It is a tragic and horrific incident for the young fella. He is alive but we just hope that the medical staff or surgical guys can give him some sort of quality of life.”

The man, who was celebrating his 18th birthday party, was taken to John Hunter Hospital in a serious condition.


The train was travelling through Taree at about 4.30am. It was carrying freight between Brisbane and Melbourne and was moving slowly because it was about to stop and change drivers.

The train has stopped 300m from where it impacted with the teen and has severed his legs “high above the knee”.

Police and paramedics were hindered, however, by the group of revellers who thought officers were there to break up their alcohol-fuelled party.

During the night the same group of about 30 people had already knocked down a fence which separated homes from the train line.

Insp Fidock said the father of the victim “smashed the windscreen of the ambulance”.

“Today the father has been better to us and is apologetic for his actions,” he said.

“We are trying to find people and get an ID on a couple who threw rocks and smashed windows.

“It is horrific to have to deal with that and then deal with alcohol-induced friends and family.