Trey Gowdy Goes on Bizarre Campaign Defending FBI Spying, Mueller Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2018

So Trey Gowdy has apparently flipped. Or flipped his lid.

He is out shilling for the FBI and for… the Mueller Sanhedrin.

I’ve always basically liked the guy… but I’ve also suspected that he was generally peddling theatrics in a way that was not particularly genuine.

Furthermore, I realize he has very shifty physiognomy.

In last night’s appearance on Fox News, he lied and claimed that the Mueller investigation is not an investigation of Trump. That is not even something anyone has ever claimed – it was begun based on their Comey memos, which were based on pissgate, which was a fake document produced by Hillary Clinton that claimed that Russia was controlling Trump because he did some piss-related sex act with hookers.

It is a direct investigation of Trump and it is a criminal investigation.

He lied about this by mixing discussion of that with discussion of the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, wherein they used informants to interview campaign team members long before the election. The FBI’s claim on that – as stated by Gowdy – is that they were investigating Trump’s team rather than Trump himself for collusion with Russia.

I don’t believe that is true either, but that is at least the claim. Although it is obviously also bullshit – the FBI got FISA warrants by lying to the judge to do electronic spying on Trump at the behest of the Obama administration – that is admitted, Gowdy knows that. But he’s telling us that this same FBI sent an informant to investigate the campaign for honest and good reasons.

Sure, Trey. Sure.

With the Mueller investigation, he is just lying – Mueller is investigating Trump. That has been made perfectly clear. Mueller ordered a raid on Trump’s personal lawyer.

So what is going on with this asshole Gowdy?

He is also talking about the Russia conspiracy as if it is real.

If it’s real, “Trey,” then why is their no evidence after over a year of investigation into it?

He says “WHAT DID RUSSIA DO???” – what is even the claim of what they did? Wikileaks? What are we talking about.

Gowdy also appeared on CBS yesterday morning.

In this interview, it is much clearer that he is defending what the FBI did pre-election and not the Mueller Sanhedrin.

But the whole thing is just very dishonest. Gowdy knows the facts, he knows this thing was started with a fake “dossier,” he knows this is political persecution.

And now all of the sudden, because he’s retiring, he’s decided to… switch sides.

Instead of attacking him over this, Trump decided to quote him on Twitter re: a statement he made about Trump being angry with Jeff Sessions.

And yeah, in both interviews, that was the only straightforward, legitimate thing Gowdy said.

Sessions is the cause of all of this.

He handed the entire thing over to the Jewish terrorist Rod Rosenstein, who then took pissgate to create the Sanhedrin.

Although if I was Trump, I would have attacked Gowdy instead of quoting him.

He is just lying to help Trump’s enemies – again, obviously positioning himself for some job after he retires from Congress.